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My name is Kani. 

A Jamaican who spent her childhood years in Florida and moved to Georgia at eleven. I have an intense love for reading books, due to it helping with the curiosity I always had about what was going on around me. The numerous road trips with my parents as a child sparked my love for daydreaming, the moon, and questioning myself about death.

This spiritual journey I am experiencing, began when I was 15.

My essay prompt had asked, “Are we guided by faith and destiny or do we have free will?”. I believed in both, and research to prove it led me to a website (in5d.com). Beyond helping with my essay, it was the start of me finding already answered questions I felt inside continuously such as:

“Why do I not feel a connection to my family and what’s around me?”

“What is going on? Are people around me experiencing the same thing too?”

Immediately, I began to research the topics they discussed in their articles and exercising practices such as guided meditations, yoga, and watching my thoughts more often.

Throughout the years, my curiosity allowed me to see the numerous levels of spirituality and that the connection is a huge influence on my life.

Currently, I dedicate every day of my life to maintain the connection with my inner being.

The purpose of this blog is to share my perspectives on spirituality. My goal is to inspire others to question their life and understand how spirituality is a part of it.

Afterall, we are all a part of this journey in our own way. 

(Salud), (to) the (be)ginn(ing)!


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