Top 4 Books That Helped Me Understand My Mind

The Ego Tunnel by Thomas Metzinger

The significance to me:


This is the first book I’ve read on the subject of consciousness. It made me realize that our mind is just a limited experience of what is going on endlessly. Knowing that there is something more began my question of “What else is beyond me?” 

What it contains:

Categorized into three parts:

The Consciousness Problem

Ideas and Discoveries

The Consciousness Revolution

It gives a scientific viewpoint of consciousness, without including words that make you run to Google every third word.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The significance to me:


I used to drift in the past & future rather than just being. Thoughts would endlessly play in my mind such as:

“I should’ve done….”

“I’ll do ____ later.”

“I wish I was __ right now”

“When I’m ____ I’ll be much better than I am now.” 

The Power of Now helped me become aware of the mental chains I placed upon myself that kept me from being present. 

What it contains:

The Power of Now has 10 chapters, each which contain subsections.

It provides strategies, gives an understanding of the ego and relationships, and discusses the inner body.

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

The significance to me:

Gawain bantam-1985

As a visionary, I created fantasies within my mind to escape from what was going on around me. I would often daydream, create music videos whenever I heard a song, or create an entire story of people that don’t even exist. I never knew the power of imagination until I read this book. 

What it contains:

Creative Visualization is divided into five parts titled:

The Basics of Creative Visualization

Using Creative Visualization

Meditations and Affirmations

Special Techniques

Using Creatively

If you are a person that loves to create visions in your mind, this book is an amazing assistance for when you want to use that energy towards creating what you experience in your life.

Think by Simon Blackburn

The significance to me:


Philosophy is a love of mine, due to the questioning approach it has to life. The love started because it made me question what happens around me even more, no matter if what was happening seemed simple. A phrase within this book that I love is “ghost in the machine”. Though the machine is going through life, it isn’t what is experiencing the life. Visualizing and dwelling on this phrase made life start to feel lighter and less harsh. 

What it contains:

This book is a highly philosophical approach to understanding the mind (and soul). It is divided by philosophers and the topics of philosophy that the philosophers cover upon. *I never finished the book due to already getting the message I wanted halfway, though if you’re a lover of philosophy this is highly recommended.*

These books have helpued with my current understanding of my mind. Check out the links below to purchase your own copy.

Ego Tunnel ($15.19)

The Power of Now ($9.46)

Creative Visualization ($10.84)

Think ($13.90)

What books helped you understand your mind? Answer in the comments below!

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