6 Ways Fasting Enhanced My Life



Spiritual connection is the main reason I fast, and in my many practices, it has been the biggest tributes to my spiritual growth. I have created a list to share what fasting has done for me in my many practices.

Fasting increased my mindfulness

While fasting, I noticed that awareness of my inner self and thoughts increased. The small voice within my head would overpower the constant loud chatters that commonly flooded my psyche. Situations increasingly felt smaller, to the point that I moved from being reactive to responsive towards my experiences.

Fasting ended my eating habits3a24cdd624ed0540d00589776af4c96e61d9ad41_hq

Before fasting, I had an unhealthy eating habit. I was a binge eater due to my emotional connection to it. (Eating due to being bullied for weight, eating whenever I was sad, or just boredom). Whenever I was hungry, I noticed that my mood would be low and I was prone to irritation. And when I did eat, I would eat until my stomach could no longer hold anymore.

During my first time fasting, I noticed that a craving to eat flashed within my mind, even though I didn’t feel any hunger. I felt the emptiness of my stomach and the feeling made me feel uncomfortable. I was so used to my stomach feeling f u l l.

Now, whenever I eat, my awareness of my stomach prevents me from passing its limits. I am able to eat slowly, and gracefully.

Fasting altered my diet tumblr_mqg59dBYVs1s91wtgo2_r1_250

Our stomach changes size depending on how much we load onto it. My first time fasting for a week resulted in my stomach growing smaller due to not receiving as much food as it had beforehand. Meal sizes decreased because of this.

I noticed that certain foods affected my energy. Heavy foods, such as bread and starches, made me feel drained. If I ate lightly, I felt more upbeat and energized.

Fasting gave me a deeper connection to my feelings tumblr_n938koeoLO1qmwsl8o1_400

I notice that whenever I fast for longer than two days, my sensitivity to myself and the world increases. As a person who (was) typically within their mind, this sensitivity pushed me into reality. The first time this happened, it felt like I was on a Lucy trip. Certain loud noises made me feel uncomfortable, my intuition increased and my moods were enhanced. It was like a magnifying glass was brought up to the colorful world of feelings that was located inside of me. The best part is the connection remained after the fast.

Fasting connected me to God energy tumblr_orr23ciCLq1ug7svjo1_500

One day while fasting, my energy was super upbeat. I felt bliss and gratitude for myself and all that was happening in my life. I decided to take Lucy, due to bliss and Lucy going perfectly hand in hand. Before the trip, I never fasted before going on a trip. As the effects increased, I noticed that I didn’t have one speck of negativity within me. I was a clear antenna for the source to be expressed and felt. Instead of thinking about the truth, as I typically do with most trips, I saw and felt the truth within everything I experienced that day. This was the first time a Lucy trip had done that to me.

Fasting taught me self-discipline

While fasting, you’re bound to be around people that are eating. Smelling food and having the scent travel down to an empty stomach is when a test of self-discipline arrives. At that moment, cravings and the illusion of hunger come rushing.

Every fasting session I had wasn’t perfect. A few times in the beginning, whenever my friends made food around me and gave me an offer, I would give in.

Over time, I learned to not let human cravings take me away from increasing my spiritual powers. 

If you want to fast, prana

my advice is to consider these factors:


If your fasting has a purpose, it gives you something to strive for.  Cravings are seen as nothing but an obstacle to your purpose, and it allows you to have a measurement for your growth after your fasting.


Now that you created a purpose, what are you abstaining from? Meat? Dairy? Food altogether? Binge watching cartoons? Sex? All of the above?


You’ve answered what and why. How long will your fasting be? The length of fasting has no rules and can be sixteen hours or even an entire year.

If this article makes you want to practice fasting, have a wonderful time and listen to your body o(≧∇≦o)










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