Obstacles leading to a New Road

“When it feels like many obstacles, it’s because you opened a new road.” 



My higher self whispered that to me January 15th this year. I was sitting alone in my dark room, questioning why I had felt this strange feeling that would linger. The feeling felt as if I was locked in a tiny room that had no doors or windows. Even though my everyday moods shifted, the feeling would still remain. 

Until finally here I was, in the dark, reflecting my life. I realized that EVERYTHING I was going through at the moment was the ways I was making choices. At the time, I was working at a job that didn’t make me feel happy, and I was living in a space that didn’t feel like my presence was accepted.

The only reason this was my reality, was due to me not making choices confidently and letting indecisiveness choose for me.

Creating My Own Obstacles

Indecisiveness was a huge habit of mine. It stemmed from the fear of making the wrong choice, leaving me stagnant and not making any definite choices at all. I was aware of how powerful choices were, though instead of letting the awareness inspire me, I let it become an anchor to my growth instead.

Being in this cycle showed me how the universe reflects indecisive energy. Feeding indecisive energy in moments when I had the power to choose how I wanted my life to be, placed me in paradigms that felt foggy and restricted to who I truly was.


Since that night,

I realized that the obstacles I felt were only an illusion. They had felt large and as if they were keeping me from moving. Obstacles are nothing more than mindsets that misdirect you from alignment. As I thought of my “obstacles” that night I realized that me being able to see the obstacles for what they truly were, led me to feel the open space that was beyond the illusions.

In the moment that my higher self stated, “When it feels like many obstacles, it’s because you opened a new road.”,a vision of myself in a huge grass field with a large road played in my mind’s eye. The realization of how free I was and that despite these obstacles, there’s a road that leads to wherever I please.

Since then, I see not to let my obstacles overpower me, but instead to motivate me to change.


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