Background Story

Last Friday, my amazing friend Cocoa came over to chill. We were munching on Chunks of  Energy (CoE) Bars while conversing about life. Out of curiosity of the company, I went to the CoE website and read about the history of the company.  It turns out, that the energy bars we were eating were originally made so the owner (Micheal) could have the energy to make maple syrup.

I relayed this new found information to Cocoa, who was just as astonished as I was. A result that turned into an entire business, just stemming from the desire to have more energy.

“This could be an equation!” Cocoa exclaimed, eyes lighting up.

“Wow, I was just seeing it as a graph in my head,” I replied, visualizing Micheal’s events.

What It Means

After discussing Micheals unfoldment of events, we created the equation:

Desire + Dream = Creation

(Energy + Maple Syrup = Spirulina Bars)



Micheal’s desire was to have more energy. With this desire, he had the drive and determination to find a way of increasing his energy to create more maple syrup.

Desire is realizing that we want something. It gives us a commitment to actions that will lead to what we desire. With this commitment brings discipline, focus, a shift in the actions being done, and determination to achieve that desire.



Micheal’s dream was to make maple syrup. With this dream, he had the belief that he will find a way to make maple syrup with more ease. With optimism, Micheal knew he could find a way of gaining the energy needed to create maple syrup, rather than dwelling on the fact that he needed energy.

Dreams are the start of the desire. It’s the root of which the desire stems from. Without Micheal wanting to make maple syrup, he wouldn’t feel the desire to have more energy.

Dreams bring us out of ourselves, in the way that we surrender to whatever comes just to achieve our dreams. Without the belief and optimism, dreams turn into nothing more than concepts and ideas. They are no longer seen as a goal that is being achieved.

To already see yourself as the person accomplishing that dream, is what makes the dream come true.



With the desire for energy and the dream of making maple syrup, he created energy bars as a result. Using his two favorite ingredients: carob and spirulina, along with having the desire for energy, the energy bars were created with love and intention.

What is created out of desire and dreams has sort of a mystery. With a focus on the desire and discovering yourself from living towards your dreams, the creation is simultaneously being brought forth. Until finally, it’s right in front of you. The outcome, the fulfillment of the desire and the manifestation of the dream. Whats amazing about creation is that it could have nothing to do with what your mind sees at the moment. That’s where surrender and acceptance of the dream come in. It allows the universe to give you the creation you need, rather than a limited outcome that you want.

To Use in Life

Some questions that can be asked to utilize this equation in your life:

  1. What do I desire?
  2. Do I believe I can achieve my dream?
  3. Is doing _________ aligned with the dream that I have for myself?
  4. What is holding me back from what I desire?
  5. What makes me feel closer to my dream?

Creating whatever you want out of life takes desire and dreams. All of the people who inspire us have this equation within their story. With the desire and dream, they created the outcome that they wanted in their life.

I hope you get closer and closer to the dream you have within your mind each day. <3

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