The All Seeing Eye and The Power of Perspective


“Eyes are the windows to the soul.” is a phrase that is commonly heard. When it’s stated, we would often think about looking at eyes that are windows, but have we ever thought about the ones we’re looking out of also?


Merriam Webster defines Perspective as a mental view or prospect.


Everyone has their own individual perspective on life. A perspective is shaped by past experiences, beliefs, and environmental norms. Perspectives do not change an object, but it does change the object in the person’s reality. People can look at the same object and experience completely different perspectives. A great example is showing an apple to a little girl and a chef. The little girl may see just an apple and also remember how she learned the alphabet (“A for Apple!”), while the chef will see the apple as an ingredient to many dishes he’s created in the past. The apple is still just an apple, though these two perspectives transformed the apple into something more.

The universe places us in situations to see our perspective towards them. Perspective is unlimited and we pick and choose how we want our perspective to be seen. Whether a perspective is positive or negative determines what will unfold in the reality. A perfect example of choosing a positive and negative perspective is money. There are multiple situations in which the universe creates money situations to test our perspective. One situation is money being spent. Whenever money is spent with a negative perspective, it causes a negative charge towards your relationship with money. Due to this, money doesn’t flow as positively as if you were to spend with a positive perspective.

As I began to understand perspectives and the power of understanding your point of view towards life, I realized what “Eyes are the windows to the soul” truly means.

The All Seeing Eye


The All Seeing Eye is a point of view that sees beyond the individual perspective. With more perspectives, the eye is now able to pick and choose which way it wants to see it’s reality, rather than only seeing a reality based upon it’s past. This is where the term “open minded” comes in. With an open mind, more possibilities are allowed within your reality. There is no longer a set way of being and of experiencing. Miracles and unpredictable outcomes comes with ease, because the eye is now open to outcomes beyond it’s past.

The All Seeing Eye understands it’s reality so it no longer feels a need to react towards it, and instead becomes an observer of it. In the past, I made a post that describes this understanding. The observer understands that it controls what it is currently seeing, so rather than reacting to what it sees, the observer responds to what caused what it’s seeing. An example is a kid with a glass of milk. The kid is the observer, the glass of milk is reality. The kid accidentally spills the milk, causing a large mess. With this mess the kid could either: cry and feel angry towards spilling the milk, or just clean, knowing that there’s more milk in the fridge and it was only a simple mistake. Reacting to messy situations still leaves the mess. Realizing your responsibility as an observer and responding cleans the mess.

Applying to Life

    Throughout your day, ask yourself how you feel about situations you experience.
    Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day, and notice how many are positive/negative
    Reflect on the ways your parents reacted towards life during your childhood

  • Conclusion

    Everyone has their own perspective on life and a choice of how they want their perspective to be. With control over what is perceived, is when the all-seeing eye is able to respond to perspectives. Allowing yourself to see life beyond what you went through in the past, creates more possibilities. Having a positive, open perspective puts a positive charge on what you experience.

    How will you change your perspective today?

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