11 Things to do during the Lunar Eclipse

These past two weeks have been like drinking detox tea and feeling your stomach bubble. We began with a solar eclipse in Cancer July 12 and ended with a good ol’ lunar eclipse in Aquarius today on the 27th. When we are sandwiched between two eclipses for two weeks, it is called an Eclipse Gateway.

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Background Information

The two kinds of Eclipse Gateways are:

  • solar to lunar
  • lunar to solar

We experienced a solar to lunar, which is the transition from feeling like the energizer bunny ready to take any action towards our betterment, to needing moments alone to get a better understanding of what’s going on inside. The new moon was at home in Cancer during the solar eclipse, giving us a charge to rebirth the parts of us that needed nurturing. Clarity and a higher understanding of ourselves may have occurred during the beginning of the gateway. As we progressed closer and closer to the lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius, feelings of old habits and behaviors (programs) that were causing blockages for our progression arrived. Experiences, emotions, and thoughts may have entered our lives during this transit, to remind us of what we need to face and release for our growth.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

This is a perfect time to release what keeps you from being your best self. Aquarius mantra is “I Know” and is the last air sign holding a level of awareness that is universal. It is a humanitarian energy, charging this full moon with the energy of seeing the bigger picture within our individual experiences, and knowing that self-connection is the connection with the One that is self.  It is a time to remember the moments you truly felt your purpose and knew that you could face anything.

11 Things to Do

This is the longest eclipse of the century (lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes!) which is the perfect time to connect to the energy of the moon. I created a list of ways to connect to the lunar eclipse, that could bring you closer to your universal being. Each activity can either be guided by your intuition or researching methods online.

1. Light a candle

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Lighting a candle is a visual focus of what you want to use the energy of the lunar eclipse for. With a choice of any color, lighting a candle increases the energy of bringing manifestations or just simply cleansing. Plus, focusing on the flame and letting thoughts come and go is a peaceful meditation.

After choosing a candle, begin your candle connection in a quiet place.

Turn on either 432 Hz or focus on your breath, allowing your body and mind to reach relaxation and focus on your intention.

Charge the candle with your intention (use your intuition with how you want to connect with your candle).

Light the candle keeping the intention within your mind.

Visualize your candle bringing your intention to you, feeling the intention manifest in the present. 

Afterward, you can either stay with your candle for a while longer or leave it within the room.

2. Take a bath

What better way to connect with energy than to soak yourself in it? Spiritual baths clear your aura of negativity and lift your spiritual vibration, and make you smell amazing! Be sure to take a shower before your bath, since spiritual baths aren’t focused on clearing everyday dirt from the physical body.

There are numerous combinations for spiritual baths depending on your specific focus. The staple for every spiritual bath is Epsom salt. 

3. Write a letter and burn it

Writing a letter and burning it is one of my favorite activities to do. Just feeling my hands travel along the pages and watching the words form on the paper brings me into a state of cleansing what was once held inside. I’ve experienced sessions that were so releasing of my inner pain, that tears formed immediately within the first words. If there is anything you are holding onto about yourself or another, writing a letter and burning it afterward is an amazing way to release.

Write a letter to either yourself or whoever has made you feel pain inside.  Write down all that comes to mind, remembering to forgive and the intention of releasing. When you are finished, take a deep breath and envision yourself free from the pain you once felt. Burn the letter in a safe nonhazardous place, until all that’s left is ashes. *Pay attention to what words/phrases needed to be burned more than once, this is a symbol of what you’ve been holding onto the most*

4. Moon gaze

If you’re in South Africa, Australia, South America, or central Asia, the redness of the blood moon will be visible to you.

If not, the sky will just show a full moon, which is still awesome to gaze at.

Stare at the moon, appreciate her beauty and notice her peaceful presence above. As your focus increases, your thoughts and worries soon fade away.

Image result for meditate tumblr drawing5. Meditate

Meditating quiets your mind and brings peace inside. If your body is tense, or worry fills your mind, meditating takes it all away.

Find a quiet place.

Sit either criss-cross applesauce or on a chair and focus on your breath.

Inhale for four seconds, hold it in for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, pause for four seconds, repeat.

Soon you’ll enter a state of relaxation. When you do, choose a something to be mindful of. It could be a color, a phrase, a sound, or your breath. Hold onto your choice and if a thought enters, let it go by bringing your attention back. 

6. Write out a list of what’s holding you back

Write what’s been holding you back, whether it’s habits you still continue to do or people that you keep within your company.

Being honest with yourself and facing your actions that weren’t’ serving you, brings trust and self-love. 

7. Visualization

Visualization is daydreaming with an intention and focus. Visualization is a powerful method to manifest whatever you desire, as long as you believe it’ll come true, and that it is already happening.

Envision what you want in your life and hold onto it. If any thoughts arise, simply let them go by going back to your vision. Do this for at least 10 minutes. *You may set an alarm for the desired amount of minutes, so you won’t be distracted by the amount of time that went by*

8. Create a mantra and charge it

What we say creates sound. Sound has frequency. The world is made out of frequencies. Why not use what makes the world by making what you want out of it?

Merriam-Webster defines mantras as a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs.

Create a phrase or state a word over and over again, visualizing it happening or feeling it happen. Soon the words will no longer be words but will become you. Believe that is it coming true, believe that it is true. 

9. Deep cleaning

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Holding on to extra items that aren’t used, and leaving your space dirty is a blockage of abundance and clean energy.

Take the time to clean your bedroom, bathroom, purses, and wallets.

10. Be active in nature

Run! Dance! Do cartwheels! Whatever way you love to move, do it within nature. Being active in nature connects you to your body and the present, releasing the mind of overthinking

Go to a park or nature reserve and let the movement of your body take over. Remember to take deep breaths as your body flows under the moon.

11. Create something new

Connect to the lunar eclipse energy in Aquarius by creating something new. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the awakener planet that brings the unexpected.

Create in the most unexpected way. Allow yourself to go beyond your comfort zone whether it’s writing a story, creating a song, or painting/drawing in a way you never thought before.


Thank you and I hope that one of these activities inspires you to connect to the moon. Have an amazing lunar eclipse and remember that everything that you believe will happen.


~Comment on how you’re connecting to the lunar eclipse below!~


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  1. This is such a wonderful post about the lunar eclipse! Interesting that you included it from astrological point of view. 🙂

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