Spiritual Diet: Introduction

kani mango yumMy relationship with food over the years has been a roller coaster that seemed out of my control until the last two years. As I mentioned in a previous post, my diet was altered ever since I began to fast more frequently. Though my eating choices changed, I still faced moments when I’d eat and my energy felt lower afterward. I noticed that eating raw felt amazing, though eating cooked foods at certain moments felt amazing too. I even observed that whenever I eat red onions raw, I immediately feel sleepy. With the multiple altitudes that eating food made me feel, whether it was gassy or energized, I still wasn’t exactly sure how to connect with food in the way that felt best to me. So, I did some research (the Gemini in me kicked in) on what ways to eat that resonated with me.

After doing research, I became inspired to create a series for the information I found, and my journey with trying each of them.

Why is this important?

In our culture, especially in America, we are told what to eat based on studies that are approached as one-size-fits-all. This leads to growing accustomed to eating habits that don’t align with our genetic code and instead are eating in ways that we have learned from our society. 

It is normal in our society to grow tired after each meal, and feeling emotional is not linked to what we just ate. 

Both of these are not the case, as we learned in biology class by creating food chains, the purpose of consuming food is a way of obtaining energy from the sun. 

Each of us has a unique way of gaining energy from the sun. Everything we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on the body, mind, and spirit. 

How will I know?

Our intuition helps us connect to what diet is best, by reminding us to slow down, listen and pay attention to the signs that our bodies give. 

These signs show in ways such as: 
  • genuine hunger 
  • cravings
  • addictions
  • allergies
  • good/bad moods
  • energy levels
  • physical discomfort
  • sensations of pleasure

The easiest way to get in touch with your intuition while eating is taking deep breaths before, during, and after your meal. Also, asking these questions brings clarity to the signs your body gives every day. 

Questions to ask:
  1. What did I eat today?
  2. Where did I eat?
  3. Who did I eat with?
  4. What was my emotional state before eating?
  5. How was it after?
  6. What were my thoughts while eating?
  7. What are my thoughts after?
  8. What was my energy right before eating?
  9. What is my energy after?
  10. Did I receive any inner messages about eating at any point today? What was the message? Did I follow it? 

Asking yourself these questions every day will build awareness for your body. 


Eating food is our way of receiving energy that the sun provides for us to live on this planet. Our bodies give messages to let us know which foods help us gain clear energy, or block us from receiving clear energy. Taking deep breaths, slowly eating our meals, and asking questions about our experience brings us more awareness to the messages we receive every day. Being honest and putting your wellbeing before temporary pleasure and what society says is right, will enhance balanced emotions and increases your energy. 


My goal with these series is to bring more awareness about eating mindfully. I am excited to share the methods of eating that I learned, along with my journey with using them as a practice throughout my days. I hope that my experience inspires you to see food in a different way and to transform your life starting with a meal. 🙂

What is your favorite food? How does it make you feel? Comment below!

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