Astrology: The Importance of Astrology

Whether it was my live Instagram stories explaining important astrological dates, my tweets talking about my experiences correlating to my signs, or me talking about astrology on Tumblr, every day I think about astrology, and study the energy of the planets and stars. 

For weeks, I’ve been wanting to begin an astrology series on my blog but wasn’t exactly sure where to start. I decided to explain the importance of astrology, based on what I’ve experienced since I began my studies. 

1. Understanding myself3

Before studying astrology, my mind would fill with victimized thoughts. Why me’s flooded my mind as I experienced all that life has to offer.  I didn’t understand why moments were happening to me. It felt like everything was beyond my control. It wasn’t until I searched my natal chart when I began to realize that I am the reason why my life was happening the way it was. The more research I did, the more I noticed my habits and behaviors. Being able to see my actions from a bigger picture allowed me to alter them so my life could change for the better.

A perfect example is my Moon in Gemini. The moon represents our emotions, subconscious, and our old habits and behavior. Gemini, the phrase “I think” is an air sign that is about communication, the moon is a water element (ruled by Cancer, the phrase “I feel” and the sign of connection). The combination of  I think and I feel, in imbalanced ways, was combined for me as: “I think my feelings” and “My thoughts are felt”. My habits were based on me not getting in tune with my feelings, but instead was analyzing them as if it wasn’t apart of me. I would even have emotional breakdowns because of judging and bottling my emotions and not facing them head-on. After reading about the Moon in Gemini, and understanding what it means to have this energy as a channel, I began to give myself the space to feel my emotions more, and communicate my emotions effectively, rather than wondering why it’s occurring and keeping my emotions within my thoughts.

2. Deeper family connection1

Whenever I think about the state of my home as a child, it was like a monk sitting in the middle of a tsunami. My parents were both highly sensitive people, that at times let their emotions overpower logic in situations.  I grew up not understanding why my parents reacted to life in certain ways, rather than responding beyond their emotions. When I began to study the energy of Cancer, it was like someone cleaned smudge off my glasses. I began to see and understand my parents in a completely different way. They were no longer seen as people that were overacting but were now people that were unsure of how to deal with what they felt. It became easier for me to view them as people experiencing life, rather than only seeing them as my parents. Our bond shifted ever since, as I was now able to give my parents advice and hear theirs too.

3. Condition of life2

I check planets placements every day like the weather. Knowing where the planets are, and which is in retrograde helps me understand why situations are happening in the world around me. Whenever there was a full moon, I noticed there were higher rises and falls of people’s emotions. Since Saturn has entered Capricorn, I noticed everyone’s going through the tough challenges of life if they make decisions that don’t lead to accomplishing their goals. When Mercury was in Sagittarius earlier this year, my sister and I (who both have Mercury in Sagittarius) were having numerous communication problems, because of the imbalances we still had inside.

Knowing what energies are affecting each planet at the current moment, or a specific date, helps me understand why moments happen and the lesson that is within it. This gives me clarity on what to do, and what to pay attention to even more than I normally would.

4. Astrology is only a tool

We may each have natal charts that describe our lives scary accurately, but we still have the choice to not let ourselves be tied to a particular sign. Learning that I am not my natal chart, but that it is a map of my life and how I may act towards it, proves even more that I am the main controller of my life. I could either use astrology as an excuse for my life or as an action to enhance my life.

At any moment, you can choose however you want to be and how you want your life to look. Your Mercury sign is not an excuse for being rude to people, and Mercury Retrograde is not an excuse to hold you back from seeing what matters most.


Astrology is more than horoscopes and stereotyping personalities. It is a tool for understanding your life and why it is happening the way it is. Beginning my deep study of astrology has caused shifts within my life. As I began to understand myself and the people around me, life no longer was seen as something that was happening to me. It became a large plan, that I was one of the creators of.

Here are websites where you can search your natal chart:

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be ways that I learned Astrology. 🙂 Comment your sun, moon, and rising sign below! 

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