Luna: Connecting to the Divine Feminine

Lately, I haven’t been feeling as sensual and connected to my divine feminine as I usually do. As the sense of dissatisfaction grew so strong that I couldn’t put it aside anymore, I began to look into the divine feminine and women’s bodies. I gained a spark of inspiration from what I found, and decided to create an entire series focused on women, titled Luna. 

What is the divine feminine?

created by Kani Kundalini

Every person has a connection to their divine feminine (even men!). Since it is an energy, there is no definite definition for it. Divine feminine energy reminds me of waves in the ocean. It’s a repetitive movement, though every wave is never the same as before. It is the energy of beingness, of having acceptance of self. It’s having a connection to the wisdom of your heart. It is the source of where all creation starts. It’s when we deeply feel ourselves and the world and it’s beyond what our logical mind can grasp.

How do I connect to mine?

We are always connected to our Divine Feminine. It is within us every where we go. When we are feeling a disconnection, it’s because of the distance we created between it. To strengthen the connection and closeness to our Divine Feminine we all have inside, here are ways to connect:

1. Dance

Dancing to your favorite songs and letting yourself be free in the movement is my favorite way of connecting to the Divine Feminine. Feeling the movement of my body and noticing that it becomes more of a flow the more present I am within myself. Dancing activates the sacral chakra which is connected to sexual (creative) energy.

2. Be naked

The Divine Feminine is an unconditionally loving, accepting energy. Feeling confident about your body and being able to look in the mirror and feel positive about what you see, and telling yourself compliments is a great way to connect to this energy. If you’re unsure of when to spend time naked, after you shower, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror with full acceptance of what you see.

(Plus, being naked more often helps your vagina maintain it’s PH balance and allows it to breathe!)

3. Decorate

The Divine Feminine includes beauty. She loves having spaces that are well put and taken care of. Whether it’s dressing yourself up, or just hanging room decor, taking a moment to appreciate beauty and feel beauty is a great way of connecting to the Divine Feminine.

4. Indulge in senses

How boring would this human experience be without our senses? Slow down your day by feeling each of your senses 100%. Look around at how beautiful life is, touch yourself and feel how amazing you are, taste your favorite foods and notice all the flavors, smell wonderful scents, listen to the birds chirping or your favorite song. Appreciate and love your senses. Allowing yourself to just be in the moment and notice what’s around you, will connect you to your Feminine energy.

5. Create

While the divine masculine is destructive energy, the divine feminine is creative energy. Take a moment from your day to create anything. Anything. There are no rules or right way to create. Just create what you feel. Express your feelings within a poem, or a painting, or even a kneaded scarf.


The Divine Feminine is the reason we feel and connect with each other. It’s the inspiration for our action and the spark of our ideas. It’s what allows us to love and create and make our lives filled with beautiful moments.

Whenever you feel less connected to the deepest parts of yourself, give yourself time and space to celebrate your inner being. You deserve it!

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