Astrology: Top 4 Astrology Sources

In my last astrology post, I explained how astrology is important within my life. If you are a person that wants to begin the astrology journey, and isn’t sure how, this is just the blog for you!

1. Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook by Gargatholildepth-astrology-an-astrological-handbook-volume-2-planets-in-signs

Wow. This book is perfect for beginning astrology studies. It features: Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses, and Planets in Aspects. The simple wording is what I enjoy the most when reading this book. Gargatholil gives positive-negative characteristics of each sign (based on the planet their in), how it looks when the energy is transcended, the energies insecurity, and its aspecting influence. I barely finished half of this book yet (the PDF is 2312 pages) and I already gained so much knowledge from it. I definitely recommend this if you want to begin understanding astrological relationships, and aren’t sure of which book to get first.

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2. Astrology/Karma & Transformation by Stephen Arroyo51U-Z2iurYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

I was only on the second page within the first chapter, and Arroyo’s insights on karma blew me away. Arroyo introduces astrology from a perspective of using it as a tool for transformation within this lifetime, rather than for only  figuring out the characteristics of your personality. What I love about this book, is that it thoroughly explains each planet and sign more than once in different ways. Arroyo explains karma and how it is relevant not only in astrology, but every second of our lives.

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3. Social Media

Social media is awesome. It holds plenty of information and connects you with people who have experiences of a field that you are studying. Each one has it’s own special way of connecting to astrology.


Facebook: Facebook has numerous groups filled with people that discuss astrology and give readings. Just search astrology on Facebook and you’ll find many groups! Here are ones that I am currently apart of:

Twitter: Twitter is my favorite place to read about astrology. With threads that are not only informational, but also funny and highly relatable. Reading about astrology on twitter helped my transition into seeing astrology within every moment of my life. Whenever someone makes a thread about astrology, I love going on their page to see other insights the they have too. These are my favorite Twitter accounts that discuss astrology:

Instagram: There are Instagram pages filled with information about astrology. Also, people who are giving information on current planet transits. Here are the two instagram pages I follow that provide information about astrology! (@desahnya also gives readings!)

Tumblr: If you search the hashtag #astrology, you’ll not only see posts related to astrology, but you’ll also discover blogs entirely about astrology. Here are astrology Tumblrs that I follow!

4. Websitessource

As simple as this section may seem, not all astrology websites give information that truly connect you to astrology. Some only describe the surface level, while others are informational on a deeper level. Here are my favorite astrology websites that helped me even more with understanding astrology.

  • New Millennium Being :  Written and published by Guru Rattana in 1999 as a newsletter, this website focuses on connecting with self and following the path that was chosen within your astrological signs. Rattana discusses each sign, along with planets. What I love about this website, is each sign is described by three stages of initiation of it’s capability: sleeping, awakening, and awakened.
  • Forever Conscious: This website gives general information about current planet transits, and what it means for you. What’s awesome, is they also provide rituals to do during full/new moons!


TimePassages is an iPhone/iPad app that let’s you know where the planets currently are and has a horoscope section. You can also save your friends charts to compare them to your own.


Knowledge is everywhere, it’s just about knowing where to find it and being open to receive it. People are discussing  astrology everyday online, and there are thousands of books that hold astrological information within them. While studying astrology I noticed that you can never read too much of the same thing twice. Reading about the same signs and planets through different sources will give you insight every time. So far, these sources have assisted me to the understanding of astrology I hold today (along with conversations with others that study astrology).

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