Astrology: 12 Astrology Signs

I like to think of the 12 signs in astrology as little floating people. Each have their specific way of expressing themselves to the world and connecting to theirselves inside.  Before we get into the depths of astrology, I would like to introduce each of these signs. The signs in astrology show how someone is expressing the planet (that is a future post of course) that the sign is within. Before we get into the depths of astrology, here are the 12 signs 🙂 Enjoy. 

The personality growth astrological signs are Aries to Virgo. The soul growth astrological signs are Virgo to Pisces. 

Aries “I AM”

  • Aries season is March 21- April 19 (varies for leap year), and it’s symbol is a ram.
  • The opposite sign of Aries is Libra
  • Aries rules the head, face, brain, and eyes.
  • Aries is a fire, cardinal sign. Fire signs relates to the experience with personal identity, Cardinal signs are the leaders. They are able to start new ideas.  This combination means that Aries focus is ways to establish it’s separate identity.
  • The planet that rules Aries is Mars, the planet of action.
  • Aries are motivated by inspirations and aspirations
  • The color for Aries is red

Each astrological sign goes through three stages within it’s lifetime (not everyone passes all stages). The two versions of these stages I’ve seen is (Sleeping, Awakening, Awakened and Personality Centered, Awakening to Soul, Soul Centered) the stages I will be describing is Personality to Soul Centered.

Personality Centered Aries are unconscious of the self. They project their instinctive desires onto the world, which brings a “me” first behavior. Their motivations are based on desire for dominance. They also have a need for personal recognition.

An Aries Awakening to the Soul begins to do things not only for themselves but for the wellbeing of others. They no longer have anger or outrage that is instinctual. They also discover the meaning of love.

A Soul Centered Aries is in touch with their intuition. They realize that the self is not the ego, and are aware of the right use of their will and power. Their actions also become selfless.

Taurus “I HAVE”

  • Taurus season is April 19 to May 21 (varies for leap year) and it’s symbol is a bull.
  • The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio
  • Taurus rules the throat, neck, the vocal tract, and the thyroid gland
  • Taurus is an Earth, fixed sign. Earth signs relates to the material world and physical senses. Fixed signs are used to stability and persistence. Fixed signs are the least to accept change. Taurus’ main focus is establishing a sense of meaning and value in life.
  • The planet that rules Taurus is Venus, the planet of love and value.
  • Taurus are motivated by the desire for practical and useful results.
  • The color for Taurus is orange-red.

Personality Centered Taurus is focused on material possessions and physical pleasures. They have an instinctive urge to get possessions in a stubborn way. They always want more out of life.

A Taurus Awakening to the Soul starts to release their attachment to their desires. They may struggle with their goals to give themselves freely.

A Soul Centered Taurus is freed from attachments, desire, and the bondage of possessiveness and their insecurities. They enjoy the present. They see that everything has value and beauty. They also realize that nothing is truly theirs.

Gemini “I THINK”

  • Gemini season is May 21- June 21 and it’s symbol are twins
  • The opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius
  • Gemini rules the arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, and brain
  • Gemini is a air, mutable sign. Air signs relate to the intellect and can be objective. Mutable signs need constant movement and change. They also know how to go with the flow. Gemini’s main focus is to learn through a variety of experiences.
  • The planet that rules Gemini is Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication.
  • Geminis are motivated by their mental curiosity.
  • The color for Gemini is orange.

Personality Centered Gemini’s move with no purpose or plan. They are unaware of their thoughts. Their motivations are based on their desire to experience. Relationships are mainly about how it relates to themselves, and life is seen as “me vs them”.

A Gemini Awakening to the Soul understands relationships that do not relate to themselves. Their mind transitions from moving instinctual to being more creative. They begin to think less subjective and more objective. They are learning to harmonize themselves with the environment.

A Soul Centered Gemini has control of their mind. They put knowledge into their movement and purpose. Instead of having deep ponders, they begin to lightly perceive the way everything interconnects. Their non-attachment is loving.

Cancer “I FEEL”

  • Cancer season is June 22 – July 22 and it’s symbol is the crab
  • The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn
  • Cancer rules the chest, breast, and the stomach
  • Cancer is a water, cardinal sign. Water signs are focused on emotions and are connected to what others do not usually see (usually psychic and intuitive). Cardinal signs are leaders and are able to start new ideas. Cancer’s main focus is to find their own inner home/anchor.
  • Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is in charge of the subconscious, feelings, habits, and the ocean.
  • Cancers are motivated by self preservation.
  • The color for Cancer is light orange.

Personality Centered Cancers are unaware of their individuality. They mainly are identified by their parents, and their background. They have difficulties between differentiating their own impressions and others influences.

A Cancer Awakening to the Soul is able to differentiate their psychic messages and influences of others. They begin to feel at home where-ever and start to awaken to their surroundings.

A Soul Centered Cancer has limitless compassion. They are liberated from past conditioning. They see every one as one eternal family. They have replaced the need for self-gratifying nurturing and are instead unselfishly caring of others.

Leo “I WILL”

  • Leo Season is July 23- August 21 and it’s symbol is the lion
  • The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius
  • Leo rules the heart, chest, spine, and upper back
  • Leo is a fixed, fire sign. Fire signs relates to the individual experience. Fixed signs are used to stability and persistence, Fixed signs are the least to accept change. Leo’s main focus is the search for wholeness within themselves and how they are apart of the whole.
  • Leo is ruled by the sun, which is in charge of our personality, and how we identify ourselves.
  • Leo’s are motivated by their need for love and domination
  • The color for Leo is yellow orange.

Personality Center Leos have a need for attention and to dominate their environment. They may seek attention by showing their possessions and abilities. They view the collective whole as those who surrounds them.

A Leo Awakening to the Soul has an increasing awareness of how to be creatively expressive of themselves. They see themselves as a co-creator. They may still have a belief that the ego is the creator. They are able to blend into a group without feeling like their identity is threatened.

A Soul Centered Leo has a desire to achieve control over their personality. They have self knowledge and self awareness. They no longer see themselves as the center of all. They see their amazing qualities as not something that is only theirs, but is from the divine.


  • Virgo season is August 22- September 21  and it’s symbol is the virgin
  • The opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces
  • Virgo rules the digestive system, intestines, spleen, and the nervous system
  • Virgo is a mutable, earth sign. Earth signs relate to the material world, and physical senses. Mutable signs are the most accepting of change, they may also be great at going with the flow. Virgo’s main focus is how they can meaningfully serve themselves.
  • Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication.
  • Virgos are motivated by their desire to protect.
  • The color for Virgo is yellow.

Personality Centered Virgo has a lack of physical and mental discrimination. They fear the void and introspection, which causes them to protect themselves from their inner depths. This fear also may cause their relationship to lack emotional depth.

A Virgo Awakening to the Soul is the most commonly known Virgo, the perfectionist. They are learning to discern and analyze. They strive to release themselves of all that serves no purpose.

A Soul Centered Virgo sees their own faults and because of that, are more compassionate towards others faults. The imperfect and parts of themselves that cannot change is now accepted. They understand that perfection is an illusion.


  • Libra season is September 22- October 21 and it’s symbol is a balance scale
  • The opposite sign of Libra is Aries
  • Libra rules the kidneys, skin, and butt
  • Libra is a cardinal, air sign. Air signs are the intellect, how the mind works, and can be more objective than the other elements. Cardinal signs are leaders and are able to start new ideas. Leo’s main focus is learning to perceive the right values, and to balance life’s polarities.
  • Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and value.
  • Libras are motivated by their desire for a relationship
  • The color for Libra is green

Personality Centered Libras have relationships just for the sake of it. They see people as vehicles of their personal self expression and have a need to experience their personality being projected.

A Libra Awakening to the Soul has an urge for harmony and are searching for the ideal partner. They are often aware of when the environment is out of harmony. They strive to treat everything equally.

A Soul Centered Libra has balanced their lower self with their higher self. They have inner peace and are aware of their relationship with all beings. They know that all has God within them.


  • Scorpio season is October 22-November 21 and it’s symbols are: the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix.
  • The opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus
  • Scorpio rules the reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, and the excretory system
  • Scorpio is a water, fixed sign. Water signs are focused on the emotions and are aware of what others may not easily notice (usually psychic and intuitive people)  Fixed signs are used to stability and persistence. They are the least accepting of change. Scorpio main focus is the search for transformation. They are often struggling with being between their lower self desires and passions and their soul centered self.
  • Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, Pluto is the planet of death (literal and figurative) and transformation. Mars is the planet of action.
  • Scorpios are motivated by their urge to individualize and refine themselves
  • The color for Scorpio is turquoise

Personality Centered Scorpios (scorpion) are selfish and like having self destructive experiences.

A Scorpio Awakening to the Soul (eagle)  has developed objectivity and patience. They are constantly moving between heaven (higher self) and earth (lower self). They may pursue their desires relentlessly and are attached to their passion. They may have a passion for sex and social conquest.

A Soul Centered Scorpio (phoenix) has went through the elimination of the ego (negative tendencies). Their deeper and higher power is the source for themselves.

Sagittarius “I PERCEIVE”

  • Sagittarius season is November 22- December 21 and its symbols are centaur, knight, and arrow
  • The opposite sign of Sagittarius is Gemini
  • Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and liver
  • Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign. Fire signs relate to the experience with personal identity. Mutable signs are the most accepting to change, they may also be great at going with the flow. Sagittarius main focus is the search for wisdom.
  • Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of the higher mind and how one expands themselves for spiritual growth.
  • Sagittarius are motivated by the question, “What is my purpose in life?”
  • The color for Sagittarius is light blue

Personality Centered Sagittarius (centaur) have an emotional desire to fulfill their mental energy. Because of this, they may keep themselves busy which creates more desires to be satisfied.  They have an urge for adventure which increases activity without much structure for inner truth.

A Sagittarius Awakening to the Soul (knight) learns how to direct their energy. In this stage they must learn to develop self discipline. They have an urge to create a vision of purpose, for this vision is their reason for being.

A Soul Centered Sagittarius (arrow) is the merge with the higher mind, They have begun the quest to experience higher truth within their life.

Capricorn “I USE”

  • Capricorn season is December 22- January 21 and its symbols are the sea-goat and unicorn
  • The opposite sign of Capricorn is Cancer
  • Capricorn rules the knees, joints, skeletal system
  • Capricorn is a cardinal, earth sign. Earth signs relate to the material world and physical senses. Cardinal signs are natural leaders and it is easy for them to begin new ideas. Capricorn’s main focus is the pathway to transfiguration
  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet that is the Tester and Teacher of perfecting the self
  • Capricorns are motivated by expediency
  • The color for Capricorn is blue

Personality Centered Capricorn has an attachment to the material world. They have little to no awareness of spirit. Their minds may be structured around the phrase “What you see is what you get” They have a fear of lack, and losing.

A Capricorn Awakening to the Soul (seagoat) is beginning to awaken to the spiritual value of life. They are able to act ambitious without attaching themselves to outcomes. They are beginning to have aspiration to take responsibility that benefits others.

A Soul Centered Capricorn (unicorn) sees that material goals are an illusion, and achievement is impermanent. They are engaged on building good character. They see the necessary organization and order to bring forms into the world .

Aquarius “I KNOW”

  • Aquarius season is January 22- February 21 and it’s symbol is the waterbearer
  • The opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo
  • Aquarius rules the ankles, and the circulatory system
  • Aquarius is a fixed, air sign. Air signs relate to the intellect and how the mind works. It is easier for air signs to be objective than the other elements. Fixed signs are used to stability and persistence. Fixed signs are used to stability and persistence. They are the least accepting of change. Aquarius main focus is having a life that is lead as a conscious service to humanity. Giving others the philosophy of life.
  • Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of awakening. It is the planet that brings unexpected changes within life.
  • Aquarius are motivated by the urge to serve
  • The color for Aquarius is indigo

Personality Centered Aquarius have a weak personality and may be “airheads”. They may create unnecessary complications within their lives. Because they like to represent something, this may cause them to try to be all things for all people.

An Aquarius Awakening to the Soul uses their natural ability to network to bring a greater unifying principle to themselves, Their higher and lower self is in constant communication.

A Soul Centered Aquarius sees that the greater the connection with themselves, the greater the vision of the one that is self. They also see that the more individualized their consciousness is, simultaneously the more universal it becomes.

Pisces “I BELIEVE”

  • Pisces season is February 22- March 22 and it’s symbol are the two fishes
  • The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo
  • Pisces rules the feet, mucus, and the lymphatic system
  • Pisces is a mutable, water sign. Water signs are connected to emotions and are aware of what others may not always see. (why most are usually psychic and intuitive people) Mutable signs are adaptable and it may be easy for them to go with the flow. Pisces are focused on combining their personality with their higher self. They may also have a struggle with duality.
  • Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusion.
  • Pisces are motivated by the desire to escape from physical living.
  • The color for Pisces is purple

Personality Centered Pisces are sensitive to everyone and everything and are unsure why, Their experience is emotional and instinctual. They may throw themselves away with causes escapist practices.

A Pisces Awakening to the Soul still has a sensitivity to others and are grounding themselves to develop discernment. They have a magnetic energy,

A Soul Centered Pisces sees no difference, and is at one with the universe. They have merged with their inner self.


Each sign may have a slight difference, but all are the same: they lead to connection with the soul. Each sign is an expression of the many ways God personifies itself to find out about itself. I hope this post gave you more clarity on each of the signs and their ways of expressing themselves. Thank you 🙂

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