Spiritual Diet: The Vibration of Food

It’s all about the vibes!

One of the 7 Hermetic Principles (Universal Laws) is the Law of Vibration. Everything around us is vibrating at every moment in different speeds (frequencies) from our thoughts, to chairs, to dolphins. The higher the frequencies, the more energy within that object. In this blog post, I will be explaining the vibration of food and how it affects our frequencies.

Frequency of Our Bodies

Frequencies are measured by Hertz. Similar to how each color has a particular frequency, the healthy human body along with its organs each has an average frequency. The frequency of a color will attract a frequency within the body. Low frequencies causes physical change, while high frequencies cause spiritual change (92-360 HZ) within the body.mo

Frequency of the human body is: 62-78 HZ

Frequency of a heart is: 67-70 HZ and

Frequency of lungs are: 58-65 HZ just to name a few

Diseases also have an average measure of frequencies

Colds and the flu starts when the body is at 57-60 HZ

Disease starts when the body is at 58 HZ

The body becomes more prone to cancer at 42 HZ

And death begins when the body reaches 25 HZ

Frequency of Food

Now that we are aware of the different frequencies of our bodily states, the importance of the level of frequency within the foods we eat will make more sense. As I always state: THE REASON WE EAT IS TO GAIN ENERGY WHICH COMES FROM THE SUN (which is 126.22 HZ by the way).

We use food, air, and water to consume energy and bring good health. If we are eating foods with little to no frequency, it is acting like a sponge soaking up negative energy rather than adding positive energy to the body. Like attracts like. (Law of Attraction *wink wink*)

Eating foods with low frequency not only leaves you feeling drained rather than vibrant and energetic (sometimes referred to as “The Itis”), it also lowers your body to a level of HZ that only attracts what ever is on that level. This is the reason why people who eat mostly fruits and vegetables are more likely to be happy than someone who isn’t. Also, a lowered frequency results in attracting sickness and diseases like shown above.

What are the frequencies of food?

*When organic and eaten freshly picked, fresh foods and herbs are even higher*kkkkk

Fresh Foods: 20-27 HZ

Fresh Herbs: 20-27 HZ

Dried Foods: 15-22 HZ

Dried Herbs: 15-22 HZ

Processed/Canned/Genetically Modified Food: 0 HZ

Good Food = Great Vibes

 From preparing our food to the moment we eat, our food is being affected by our vibration. When we consume the food, the food then affects our vibration. For example: If you’re angry while cooking your meal, the vibration of your anger (moods have different frequencies) changes the vibration of your meal. Your meal then fuels your anger, rather than either transmuting or changing it to a higher mood. Even when eating meals that other people prepared, we are still sensitive to how it may affect our bodies.

Here are methods to raising the vibration of what you eat:

  • Praying: It’s no coincidence that religions use prayer before eating a meal. Using prayer/showing gratitude for the food that is in front of you raises the vibration. One method of prayer I like to do, is giving thanks while visualizing everyone that was a part of the journey of what I am eating. (In Example: If I am eating a mango, I’ll thank whoever planted the seed, took care of the tree, picked the mango, transported the mango, and stocked the mango in the store) Another method of prayer is thanking the food for giving you the energy and nutrition to live another day. Sometimes we get caught in the fast pace of life, that we don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate the little things. 
  • Being Positive While Cooking: Like mentioned earlier, our state affects our food which affects our state after it’s eaten. If we are in high vibration while preparing our meal, our meal will be in higher vibration. Arguing, and thinking negative thoughts are a few examples of what lowers the vibration of food while it’s being prepared. Thinking positive thoughts, singing/dancing, and doing anything that brings you in a great mood while cooking raises the vibration.2Hands200
  • Cleansing Body Before Cooking: Throughout our day (especially when we go out into the world) we pick up different vibrations which causes our bodies to either be charged positively or negatively. Taking a moment to go in the shower  or if that’s not an option just washing your face and hands to cleanse your body from the day.

In Conclusion

“Vibes” are real, and are in everything. From pencils, to our moods, to turtles everything around us has a particular vibration. The different speeds of vibration is called frequency. The frequency of an object is either beneficial, destructive, or neutral for your energy. The same applies for food, which is how we consume energy from the sun. The foods we eat either build our energy and health for the better or worse.

Next time you’re about to eat something ask yourself, “Is this gonna build or kill my vibes?”

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