My Experience with 30 Day Fasting

On September 10, 2018, I decided it was time to take a break from eating solid foods. I noticed that my mood was constantly fluctuating, my energy wasn’t always vibrant, I wasn’t eating mindfully, and my thought patterns weren’t always positive and productive. Here is what happened when I fasted for 30 days!

1. Intense Detoxing Related image

For the first three days, I was only drinking master cleanse or water. On the second day, I noticed that it felt like I had caught a cold. My head was pounding, my body felt a little weaker, and I had a fever (signs of toxins wanting to be released during detoxing). I mostly just rested and turned on the heater while wearing two jackets and laid under my covers to sweat out the toxins that wanted to be released in my body.

*Listening to my intuition and starting off with a master cleanse erased my appetite and cravings which made this fast easy for me!*

2. Different Energy Levels

Did you know that 80% of our energy goes towards digestion? It’s no wonder that sometimes eating leaves us exhausted! Due to my body getting a break from digesting solid foods, it now had extra energy that could be put towards other bodily functions. Sometimes, when I was out on a hot day face painting I did face moments of easily feeling light headed and exhausted. When fasting it was important to remember to stay hydrated and remembering to drink water.

3. Woke up in Positive Mood

Prior to fasting, whenever I woke up the first thought on my mind was usually “How am I going to make myself happy today?” I usually didn’t feel like I woke up on the right side of the bed and it would be more challenging for me to face my day. Since fasting, my mood was like changing a light bulb in a room. I immediately feel happy and ready to take the day when I wake up now. Waking up in a positive mood has a large difference in how the rest of my day will turn out. I noticed that it was easier for me to be optimistic and manifest what I wanted, due to my mind being focused on positive outcomes and prosperity.

4. Pimples 

Every time I fast, a pimple forms at some point. Whether it’s on my chin or nose, my body loves to release toxins through my skin! Pimples are either a sign of your body saying “Hey, you probably are stressing out”, “Hey, 28 days ago you’ve been eating a bunch of junk” or “Hey you’re [insert organ here] is clearing out toxins from eating a bunch of junk”!

5. Mucus mucus mucus

All parts of fasting isn’t glamorous. Due to my break from mucus forming foods, the excess mucous in my body began to be released. From random coughs, to nose runs, to just talking and mucus appearing in my mouth, it just kept being released.

6. More Time Available

Because I knew that I was only going to have liquids, the time that I spent eating or figuring out what to eat was now available for other activities. This gave me more time to spend meditating, working on art, or promoting my skills to others.

*If you are making juices yourself it is still a bit time consuming, though it doesn’t take long to drink liquid*

7. Body Odor

Drinking mostly fresh fruits with a little fresh veggies inside changed my body chemicals allowing me to smell amazing. If you know me, you know I don’t wear deodorant, though it’s not easy to tell. On the days I was sweating, my body “odor” had a sweet smell to it, sometimes smelling like oranges! Fasting helped me be even more exposed to the fact that our sweat is another way that our body communicates with us!

8. Stomach Changes

Our stomach is a muscle that changes in size depending on how much we put into it. Since I was putting in liquids, it began to shrink more and more. Now drinking a smoothie feels like eating a burger and fries! I began to notice as the days went by, that one smoothie lasted me until night time, where I’d either want another lighter smoothie or just a cold pressed juice.

In Conclusion

Advice that I’d give for if you want to begin a fast that’s more than three days:

  1. If cravings start, think about something else, take a moment to meditate, or drink water.
  2. Plan out what you’re going to have for the day, so your temptations won’t be enlarged.
  3. Prep out your consumptions. The days I was only drinking master cleanse and water, I made sure to have my master cleanse already prepared.
  4. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If it becomes too much for you (you’ll know) have a fruit.

To end this all, it was quite an experience. My main challenge that I faced was I began to love Arden’s Garden Scary Carrie smoothie a loooooot. Other than that, remaining disciplined and committed to my fast was simple (I am a Capricorn after-all!)

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