Astrology: The Planets Pt 1.

Horoscopes in magazines typically only use the sun sign when telling us about our future, however every one of us has an entire universe within us. When we were born, the planets aligned in the cosmos in a special way, shaping the way we express ourselves. In these next few blog posts I will be describing each of the ten planets. 

Why are planets important?

Planets in astrology are like the “power houses”. They represent the experiences in our life and shape our personality and answers the question “What ___?” when it comes to our natal chart. (in example: Venus answers, “What do I love and value?”)

Seeing how each planet in your (or others) natal chart relates to each other brings clarity on what your strengths and weaknesses are in life. When planets are in a position in the sky, it has either a positive or negative influence to your internal universe (natal chart). I like to look at my TimePassages app to see where the current transitions are and how they relate to whatever is occurring in my life. 

What are the planets?

In traditional astrology, the planets are: Sun (it’s a star yes… though it still holds influencing energy), Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

*Modern astrology adds the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Since they move so slow, they are generational planets and are important in natal charts when looking at how they aspect other planets*


The Sun is our source of energy. It is the reason that life is on Earth.

In astrology, the sun represents:

  • Individual Self/Identity
  • Consciousness
  • Soul/Sol
  • Purpose
  • Ego
  • Willpower
  • Masculine Energy

The sign that the Sun rules is Leo, which makes is all about feeling the inner spark and shining.

The body parts that the sun rules is the heart, eyes, circulatory system, and the upper back.

The sign and house where the Sun is located in your chart represents where your focus and goals are.


Oh, how I love the moon! Bright and reflecting the suns rays at night.

In astrology, the moon represents:

  • Feminine energy
  • Subconscious
  • Habits, behaviors, and instinctual patterns
  • Goddess
  • Mother
  • Security
  • Home
  • Water
  • Feelings

Every 2.5 days, the moon changes signs and it takes 28 days to go through all signs. It is common in magic to use the moon to enhance the intention of the spell.

Women have menstrual cycles around the same time every month due to their bodies being synced to a particular moon cycle.

The sign that the moon rules is Cancer, which is the sign that’s all about feelings and being a nurturing mother.

Our moon sign is how we react to things, it shows others how we feel about situations/people/ourselves.

The body parts for the moon are stomach, breasts, and the womb.

The sign and house where your moon is located represents where you need to balance your emotional approach.


Mercury is the messenger of Gods. It is the closest planet to the sun.

In astrology, Mercury represents:

  • communication
  • travel
  • intellect
  • healing (related to Archangel Raphael)

The signs that Mercury rules is Gemini and Virgo.

The sign and house your Mercury is in represents how you will communicate with others and how your mind works.

Mercury is a fast and airy planet, you can use Mercury to get a faster result for something you don’t want to wait on for long.

The body parts that Mercury rules is the brain, nervous system, lungs, arms, hands, and bowels.


Venus is the goddess of love, which makes sense why people often think of love whenever the planet is mentioned.

In astrology, Venus represents:

  • values
  • art
  • love
  • wealth (abundance)
  • beauty
  • equality
  • justice
  • nature

Venus is a feminine planet and represents what you value and love in life.

Looking at what sign and house your Venus is in can give you an idea of what exactly you value and love which can give a hint on what your purpose in life is.

Venus is great for love spells, along with spells that are about wealth (only if you’re doing what you love!)

Venus rules the body parts: neck, kidneys, thymus gland, lips, chin, and cheeks.

In my next post, I will be sharing Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn!

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