Astrology: The Planets Pt 2.

in my last blog post, I shared the qualities of the planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus (in astrology the sun and moon are considered planetary energies) In this blog post I will be sharing the qualities of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These planets are the last of planets that have direct influence. 


Mars is known as the God of War, which makes total sense for the energies that it carries!

In astrology, Mars represents:

  • Passion
  • Anger
  • Accidents
  • Battle for Self Mastery
  • Sexuality
  • Masculine
  • Desire
  • Courage
  • Aggression

The sign that Mars rules is Aries, and it gives us the motivation and drive to go after what we want.

Whenever we feel anger, or lust, that is the energy of Mars fueling us!

The house and sign that Mars is located in is the way we go after what we want and make our decisions to move forward.

The body parts that Mars rules is muscles, testicles, and the phallus.


Jupiter is an extremely large planet, and it’s energy is expansive too.

In astrology, Jupiter represents:

  • Higher Mind
  • Intuition
  • Spiritual Growth (when it comes to the mind)
  • Understanding
  • Knowledge
  • Optimism
  • Wealth
  • Masculine

The sign that Jupiter rules is Sagittarius. Whenever I think of Jupiter, it reminds me of that person that sees everything in a well thought out manner, and has their life figured out.

The house and sign Jupiter is located tells us what brings us luck and success, gives our life purpose, and makes us confident.

Jupiter is great for wealth spells, because it expands whatever energy is directed towards it.

The body parts that Jupiter rules are thighs, liver, and feet.


Saturn is the grand daddy when it comes to the planets. Saturn is what puts us into shape by giving our lives hard lessons, only because he wants whats best for us.

In astrology Saturn represents:

  • The Tester
  • Teacher
  • Structure
  • Law
  • Restriction
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Obligation
  • Challenge
  • Boundaries
  • Obstacles
  • Karma
  • Masculine

Saturn is the opposite of the Sun. While the Sun is what makes us have willpower for what we want, Saturn creates obstacles leading to what we want. Saturn is what makes us stronger, by giving us challenges. Time and cycles exist because of Saturn, creating them for a structured way of being.

The sign that Saturn rules is Capricorn.

The house and sign your Saturn is located is where most of your challenges are. It’s the area in life that may be easier for others but harder for you to overcome. It’s the areas of life that repeatedly shows up as obstacles.

The body parts Saturn rules is teeth, bones, joints, knees, spleen, skin, and hair

Thats it for the inner planets! My next post will be about Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the outer planets that affect an entire generation. 

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