“Emotion Clarity”

I was recently scrolling through my voice memos and one was created July 16, 2018 of me sharing a realization I had during a lucy trip. I have been feeling a bit emotional these past days (I am on my moon cycle after all!) and this voice memo was a reminder of how to keep my emotions in check. Enjoy! 🙂


“I was on LSD last night, and throughout the trip.. Well before the trip, I was a bit nervous because I was wondering if it would feel bad, because earlier in the daytime I wasn’t really focused on what I really needed to do for the day and I was afraid that it would impact the trip. But I released that mental projection and I just went into it and just enjoyed myself. And also I was pretty tired too so I was like ‘Is this going to affect my tiredness?’ Like will I just be going through tiredness and having a bad trip? But I released that also.


And with me releasing those two outcomes, I had an amazing trip to where.. I wasn’t feeling any negative emotions and if I did it was instantly transformed and.. it made me realize just how much we amplify our emotions and the fact that… emotions don’t have to be this thing that’s attached to us, but it can be something that we see is a part of us for a moment, but we can choose what we do with it and we can choose like if we want to transform the emotion or not.


And so in that moment it was like I saw a different side of emotions to where it’s not only ‘Oh I am feeling this emotion I want to transform it!’ but, ‘Oh this happened. It doesn’t have to keep happening.’


And with that I can see it as just a past occurrence and continue to remain in that space to where I can pick and choose the reality that I want because, every thing doesn’t have to happen now. Some things could be left in the past and just be seen as just that. But it’s not seen as something that you’re running away from, it’s just something that you’re continuously releasing and transforming. So, it was pretty cool to go through that and to see a new side of emotions because, I was a person to where I would get so emotional that it would even affect my thoughts and my thoughts would feel very emotionally charged, and so I would be in this box of whatever emotion I was in and.. it could distract me at times and at moments and I’m glad to be outside of that and become more of an observer more and more every day not only of the world around me but of the world within myself and the many ways that it functions and many ways that the inner universe allows itself to be seen and heard and felt and all of these things so yeah just wanted to share that.”

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