Astrology: How to Survive Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury retrograde has began! No need to fear, a blog post about how to survive Mercury Retrogrades is here.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

(To explain Mercury Retrograde, I will explain the planet Mercury, and what retrogrades are.)

Mercury is known as the “Messenger of Gods”. It is the planet that represents the mind and nervous system and how they collect and give information. Thoughts, communication (writing and speech), travel, analyzing, technology are all that is associated with Mercury. Mercury represents how we express our thoughts/ideas (speaking to others) , how we accept others thoughts/ideas (how we process things).

Retrograde is a time when the planet seems to be going “backwards”. When a planet is in retrograde, it’s energy is either dimmed or turned inward. This causes the planets representation to not be as consciously seen as it normally would, which is why it is best to slow down and reflect/review whatever the planet represents during this time.

During Mercury Retrograde miscommunications, and misunderstandings are more likely to happen. Technological issues are also likely to happen during this time to.

How do I survive Mercury Retrogrades?

  1. Think Before You Speak. Due to miscommunication and misunderstanding being more likely to happen during this time, slow down with the thoughts you’re sharing with others so you’re more likely to be understood.
  2. Pay Attention. Retrogrades are like children acting up for parents extra attention. It is best during this time to bring our attention to areas where Mercury may be imbalanced in our lives. (Ex: What decisions have you been making? Is your current mindset helping or hindering you?)
  3. SAVE and BACK UP. If you are creating on a technology device, whether it is a word document or an art piece, save as you go along. Glitches are way more likely to happen at this time and pressing the save button as you work won’t hurt. It is also good to back up your data on all your devices in case something goes downhill.
  4. Don’t Take Things Personal. You’re not the only one dealing with this transit. If someone’s communication is rubbing you the wrong way, rather than judging or reacting, understand that Mercury is getting the most of them.
  5. Travel Preparation. During this time it is more likely to experience: transportation delays, traffic jams, and road closures. Be sure to leave at an earlier time than you normally would.
  6. Pay Attention to Details. It is often said to not sign contracts during this time, though if you read thoroughly and slowly (and including the fine print), it is fine. Complete understanding of what you are signing is key.
  7. Communicate with Self. Mercury’s energy will be focused inward, which is great for talking with yourself. This period of time deepens access to our heart, intuition, and inner awareness. Whether it’s journaling, creating voice memos, or pulling cards, exploring the inner depths of your mind is enhanced during this time. *Communicating with self before starting the day decreases the chance of dealing with retrograde chaos*
  8. Double Check. Have any plans coming up? Are you sure? Double check all arrangements and plans you’ve made for the next three weeks to be sure that you know the exact time of each.
  9. Slow Down. When making a decision, be sure to not rush into them. It’s okay to take your time more than usual.
  10. Be Open to Changes. If anything breaks during this time, it’s probably for the best. Just keep going and start new.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t as bad as the media makes it seem. All that we need to do is slow down and decrease our autopilot mode. Have an amazing retrograde, Earth Neighbors <3

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