Astrology: Connecting with the Gemini Full Moon

It’s full moon season, the time when the moon reveals our innermost feelings. The moons placement is in currently Gemini, the first air sign that focuses on the mental world.

What is a Gemini Full Moon?

The moons placement is in Gemini, a mutable air sign. Gemini is a sign that is about the mental world. We use our mind to form thoughts, learn new information, have communication, and analyze/process the world around us. Gemini’s mutable energy allows it to experience multiple perspectives at once (twins), giving it a more objective and lighthearted view to life. During Gemini full moons is the best time to analyze the habits of our mind and how it’s influencing our behavior.

What transits are happening?

At this particular time, our experiences may not feel as deep and “dark” due to Jupiter and the Sun now being in Sagittarius. Both Sag and Gemini has energy that is mental/philosophical, fun, playful, curious, and expansive. Jupiter moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius shifted our spiritual growth from being mostly about shedding our shadows and old wounds, to finding our truth with what we have learned from shedding.

Mercury (which is in retrograde) is also in Sagittarius and is squaring Neptune (currently in Pisces) which may affect mind, causing misinterpretation, and having strong unconscious/unintentional effects in communication.

How do I connect to this energy?

It is time to focus on the mental realm. Gemini’s full moon is charged by Mercury, bringing extra focus to our minds.

Our mental state manifests our physical state. Now is the time to shift how you are using your mind every day.

It is helpful to ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Why do I believe what I believe?
  • Why do I usually respond this way?
  • What caused me to have this perception of ___?

Sagittarius energy combined with Neptune in Pisces gives us an expansive connection to our higher minds. It is the perfect time to use our imagination and visualize where we want to be next in our lives that is aligned with our inner truths.

It is easy to get caught in the fast paced society we are in, and when we take the moment to slow down and go within, that is when the answers to our questions of life begin to appear. Use whatever outlet helps you communicate with the innermost parts of yourself, whether it’s journaling, writing a song, meditating with an intention in mind, and/or praying to a higher power (higher self/ancestors/God/etc.).

May your dance with the moon bring you mental clarity that leads to further enlightenment on the path to self righteousness.

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