5 Secrets to Use the Law of Attraction with Words

Words are used everyday. We use words to think, speak, and write. Did you know that words have an enormous effect on your current life? This blog post explains how:

Importance of Words

  • Words carry vibration and energy. When we speak, we are bringing our inner thoughts and vibrations into the physical world. The energy within the words may either cause harmony or disharmony. This is the reason why certain words make us feel good, while others do the opposite.
  • Words hold meaning. Every word has a definition. Definitions of words give meaning to the vibration that the sound holds. The meaning is what causes whatever is spoken to be attracted. (For example: Merriam Websters definition of Crazy is full of cracks or flaws , be mindful of who labels themselves as crazy!)

Applying to Life

Now that you know that words aren’t just sounds we use to say what’s on our mind, here’s ways you can be a mindful communicator:

    Think before you speak. What are your intentions for what you’re going to say? Will it lead to harmony or disharmony?
    Research words commonly used. Our vocabulary influences how we communicate everyday. Knowing the definitions of the words we commonly use gives us clarity on whether what we say are empowering us or leading us to a life of disharmony. (Example in picture below: Very recently I found out what the word spend means!) *Merriam Webster is the best source for definitions*
    Speak what you want. It’s no coincidence that affirmations are commonly used to attract what we want. Because words are energy, they can be used to align us with the energy that leads us to what we want in life.
    Choose what you consume wisely. Consuming isn’t only with food. What we see, hear, and feel every day is also consumed. What are the messages in the songs you listen to? The videos you watch? The books you read? (Or articles) What are conversations you have usually about? This let’s you know what you’re attracting through unconscious consumption.
    Choose love. When love is the foundation of our intention, our lives transform. Words are suddenly filled with life and harmony that people will feel. Choosing love aligns us with more conversations that are focused on resolution.


In conclusion, words are more than sounds and symbols. They are energy that we use to summarize what vibrations we have inside/are attracting. If we use words mindfully, we can attract and feel what we desire, rather than bringing disharmony. Next time you have a conversation, be mindful of the words that are said and the effect they have.

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And remember: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

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