Why Optimism Is Important


The most beautiful rainbows come after a heavy storm. Diamonds are created by pressure. These natural phenomenas remind me of the roller coaster of life. Here’s why optimism (while still being realistic) is important:

What is Optimism?

According to Merriam Webster, optimism is:

1: a doctrine that this world is the best possible world

2: an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome

Optimism is when we think positively, even when in rough situations.

How can I be optimistic?

  • Change Thinking Habits. When we notice our thoughts imagining/thinking of the worst outcomes in situations, we can instead reframe our mind to instead think of a better/more logical outcome. (Ex: A performer thinking about falling on stage reframes their mind to think giving their best performance instead.)
  • Shift Reasons. A common habit I notice in us human beings is we feel our best when multiple blessings happen, and when we are faced with one “bad” situation, our positive outlook goes out the window. Giving ourselves negative feedback, and believing we have “bad luck” or that something outside of us has caused ___, is removing our minds from productivity and finding a solution. When shifting the reason to seeing that everything happens for a reason and this is a situation that needs resolving, brings us to a mind-state that focuses on finding a solution, and correcting the situation.
  • Take “Failure” What separates optimistic and pessimistic people are how they react to failure. The most successful people are the ones who have failed and kept going. They took failure as a lesson in learning how to improve. Seeing every failure and set back as a lesson and not a defeat, helps us to keep going forward.
  • Spend Time with Optimistic People. The people you hang out with the most are the ones who are having the most impact on your subconscious. Hanging out with people that are usually complaining or having a negative perspective on life, will cause our minds to think similarly more frequently. Spending more time with those who are optimistic, helps us to view life in a more positive uplifting way ourselves.
  • Confidence is Key. Being optimistic means being confident in where we are. The most confident people always believe in themselves and where they are headed. Having confidence and believing in ourselves, makes what we do feel unstoppable.

*Being Realistic and Optimistic*

Optimism can cause ignorance and a naive nature. Some people that are optimistic will continuously think positive about situations, and believe that only that will make challenges disappear and blessings come.

To avoid this outcome, being a realistic optimist is key:

  • Expect the Unexpected. Life will always throw unexpected situations at us. Rather than being caught off guard when moments don’t seem to work out, remember that we have all the inner tools to solve them.
  • Be Positive and Honest. While shifting our thoughts from being pessimistic to optimistic, it is good to also be honest about what is challenging us. When imagining outcomes we would like to have, be aware of the actions it takes to get there.
  • Success comes with Action. Having confidence in succeeding obstacles is a great start. Using action is what brings success. Planning, being persistent, choosing the right strategies, and staying focused is what manifests the success we feel.


Optimism is key. It leads to a more positive lifestyle, and brings better outcomes. When combining being realistic and optimistic, that is when our manifestation is taken to the next level. Obstacles and challenges are no longer hold backs, and instead are ways we evolve our actions and thinking.

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