Full Moon in Cancer Spread/Reading

This following reading is provided by my amazing friend Nea! She is a beautiful spirit and blessed us with a reading about the Full Moon.

I interpret this spread as being a representation of the fullness of the moon. Here are the questions being asked:
1. What is the Theme for this full moon in this season?
2. What have we already accomplished?
3. What is worth continuing?
4. What needs to be released?
5. Cancer Lessons: How can we nurture ourselves (in body, heart, spirit) and our home (family, community, environment)?
6. Where are we currently in this cycle?
1. 8 of Cups (Reversed)
 – We see a person journeying. Their back is turned and they are leaving their cups behind. The Moon peers overhead with a face that appears either smug or disinterested in the mission of this person despite having an eye on them. This card represents feelings of abandonment or walking away from a situation seen as disappointing. Reversed, we are deciding whether this situation is right for us and whether this is something we should carry on with or finally let go and move on. The Theme for our Cancer Full Moon is to tune deep into our intuition as we weigh the pros and cons of our situation so that we may finally remedy the question, “Should we stay, or should we go?”
2. Page of Cups
 – Thankfully, the tools that we have managed to assemble in preparation for this Full Moon is the Page of Cups. The Page represents the amateur – they are full of excitement and passion though may come off as cocky or a little unstable in their path. I also interpret this card as “beginner’s luck”. The energy however is still very fresh and potent. The fish in the Page’s cup represents the ideas that have come from the depths of our creativity and emotion. Our intuition is at a high and we tap into ourselves with ease and excitement. The Page greets these ideas happily!
3. 10 of Swords
 – The 10 of Swords depicts quite the sorrowful scene. Our hearts go out to this fallen hero, pinned face down into the ground by ten swords. Who would deserve such fate! I saw “pinned” and not “stabbed” because you’ll notice if you look closer that these swords aren’t piercing through our subject’s flesh. Rather they appear to be sitting atop of their back weighing them down into the ground. We are being called on to address our pain – from our disappointments and losses. The water Cancer Full Moon has us emotionally vulnerable, laying bare to our fears, insecurities, and the things in life that may give us emotional lows. Remember though that when we may be grieving or feeling victimized, we ultimately get to decide if we will continue to stay this way. It is your choice. You decide how your emotions will guide your actions from this point on. Change is inevitable and in our pool of emotions, stirring and changing currents is as unpredictable and daunting as it is healing and affirming to your experiences. You choose the currents, my darlings. And take YOUR time.
4. 6 of Swords
 – RELEASE THE BAGGAGE. RELEASE YOUR PAIN. The 10 of Swords already informed us that this is inevitable. The Cancer Full Moon wants us to explore our depths and bring them to the surface for light to be shined on them. Releasing pain is hard. And leaving it behind may be even harder. But 6 of Swords shows promise of a better future in the foreground as we leave all that burdens us. Some we will still continue to carry with us but like the 6 of Swords, this pain does not sink our boat. Rather as we release, we transform our ailments into lessons to take with us into our future.
5. 9 of Wands
 – We have trekked this weary path of our enlightenment. It has been hard, heavy, we have face trials and formicables that have tried our strength and patience. 9 of Wands is the final test: Are you ready to confront the final boss of this stage? If you’ve made it this far, the answer is yes. You are. The task is not yet over, but you don’t have to go into this completely exhausted. Cancer Full Moon calls for us to nurture our being by protecting our energy. Fortify the power that is within you, validate yourself and your struggles. Have friends and community that can do the same for you. There comes a time where we all find it hard to stand on our own two feet. We are strong and determined and we will do the damn thing but having people in our corner to cheer us on in the midst of the fight is important! You deserve that! Don’t forget your tribe and the love that you have attracted in your life this far. They are a reflected of you and your best attributes! Think of you and your community as a super fusion of love and strength! Rest and be in love. Protect it and preserve it.
6. 2 of Cups (Reversed)
 – Currently, we may be facing some disharmony in our relationships to others and maybe within ourselves. Perhaps you’ve found it difficult to communicate your feelings to others. Maybe there are barriers that you or the other person has set up, and it is causing feelings of isolation or perhaps selfishness. If we want these barriers lifted, there must be an honest flow of communication happening from both sides. Only then can we allow the healing and unification of our bodies in self and in partnership to flow.

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