Astrology: The Elements and Modalities

Elements in astrology represents the ways that each sign expresses itself. The four elements are: fire, earth, water, and air. What makes a particular sign different in it’s expression, is the modality it has. The three modalities are: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. In this blog post, I will be getting in depth of what each of these are.



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*Fire Signs: Aries [I AM], Leo [I WILL], Sagittarius [I SEE]*

The first element in astrology is fire. Fire represents:

  • Self/Personal Identity
  • Action
  • Will Power

Common characteristics for fire signs, is that it is an element of high spirit, enthusiasm, and is childlike.

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*Earth Signs: Taurus [I HAVE], Virgo [I ANALYZE], Capricorn [I USE]*

The second element in astrology is earth. Earth represents:

  • Physical Senses
  • Material World
  • Practical

Common characteristics for earth signs are cautious, dependable, routine, and conventional.


*Air signs: Gemini [I THINK], Libra [I BALANCE], AQUARIUS [I KNOW]*

The third element in astrology is air. Air represents:

  • Thought
  • The Mind
  • Theory

Common characteristics for air signs are detached, sociable, intellectual, and analytical.


*Water signs: Cancer [I FEEL], Scorpio [I DESIRE], Pisces [I BELIEVE]

The fourth element in astrology is water. Water represents:

  • Deep Emotion/Feelings
  • Unconscious Mind

Common characteristics for water signs are intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate.



*Aries [Spring], Cancer [Summer], Libra [Fall], and Capricorn [Winter]*

The first quality in astrology is Cardinal. Whenever a Cardinal sign starts in the calendar, it is usually a change in season. This reflects the energy of Cardinal which are the signs that are associated with new beginnings. They are initiators, enterprising, direct, decisive and assertive.

Fixedgiphy (4)

*Taurus [Middle of Spring], Leo [Middle of Summer], Scorpio [Middle fo Fall], and Aquarius [Middle of Winter]*

The second quality in astrology is Fixed. These signs are in the middle of the four seasons. They represent stability, determination, and reliability. These signs can also be resistant to change and stubborn at times.


*Gemini [Spring→Summer], Virgo [Sum

giphy (5)

mer→Fall], Sagittarius [Fall→Winter], Pisces [Winter→Spring]*

The third quality in astrology is Mutable. These signs happen during the change of the four seasons, and reflects the energy of change. They are adaptable and flexible, going with the flow no matter the circumstance. They are able to have multiple perspectives of a situation. They are communicative and can be mistaken as rebellious.

I hope this blog brought you even more clarity on the energies of the twelve signs! What is the element and modality of your sun sign? Comment below!

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