How to Use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Introduction

When it comes to spirituality, chakras are one of the most common things mentioned. These energy centers are being used at every moment! My purpose in the next set of articles, is to bring an understanding that chakras are used everyday.

What are chakras?

At every second of the day, prana or life energy is spinning and moving throughout our body. Chakras (Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”) are centers in our body in which energy flows through the most. They are a part of our energetic body, and not our physical body. There are numerous amount of chakras, however we mainly focus on the main seven within the body. These seven are: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.

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Keeping all of our chakras balanced allows us to feel grounded and able to function in our everyday lives. When one of our chakras are imbalanced, the other chakras are also affected. It is important to keep our chakras from being under-active or overactive. Being aware of the characteristics of our chakras and making choices that harmonize them creates balance.

Chakra Characteristics

1st  – The Root Chakra | Foundation &


Color:  Red
Element: Earth
Themes: Stability, security, safety, groundedness, survival, finances, family, community, physical health, life force issues, foundation, employment
2nd -The Sacral Chakra | Creativity, Emotions & Sexual Health


Color:  Orange
Element: Water
Themes: Creative expression, emotions, desire, sexuality, inner child, fertility, relationships, childbirth, playfulness, birthing one’s gifts and talents (for both sexes)
3rd -The Solar Plexus Chakra | Personal Power, Confidence & Individuality


Color:  Yellow
Element: Fire
Themes: Personal power, confidence, radiance, personal will, certainty, individuality, sense of identity & self, moral ethics, integrity, personal truth, ego, empowerment, ambition
4th -The Heart Chakra | Unconditional Love & Compassion


Color: Green
Element: Air
Themes: Giving & receiving unconditional Love for self and others, healing, forgiveness, compassion
5th – The Throat Chakra | Self Expression & Clear Communication


Color:  Blue
Element: Air or Ether
Themes: Self-expression, speaking one’s truth without attachment, clear conscious communication, tone and intent of voice
6th – The Third Eye Chakra | Conscious Perspective & Intuition


Color:  Purple
Element: Ether or Light
Themes:  Seeing the higher purpose or perspective, Universal Truth, intuition, awareness, higher knowing, higher vision
7th -The Crown Chakra | Enlightenment, Divinity & Spiritual Connection


Color:  White-all colors unifying
Element: Ether or Space
Themes: Enlightenment, connection to Spirit, divinity, universal wisdom, oneness, unity, inner peace, clarity

Reflecting on Each Chakra

To get a better grasp of how we’re expressing each chakra, here are questions relating to each:

Root:  Do I feel grounded? Am I physically healthy?

Sacral: Am I stimulating or fueling my creative passions?

Solar Plexus: Do my personal habits support who I want to be?

Heart: Do I feel that I am open to receiving love?

Throat: Do I feel like I’ve been speaking my truth lately?

Third Eye: Do I trust my intuition?

Crown: Do I take time for myself to recharge, relax, and just be?

Next week, I will share ways to connect with the Root chakra every day. What chakra do you feel called to balance today?

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