How to Use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Sacral

The second chakra is responsible for our emotions and creativity. It is known as the Sacral chakra (Svadhishthana in Sanskrit)! Let’s get to know the sacral, shall we?

All About the Sacral 


The sacral chakra is associated with our emotional body, creativity, and sensuality. It helps us relate to others and the world around us. It’s color is orange and is located in the pelvic area. The energy of the sacral moves like water and has a flow. The feeling of pleasure is linked to our sacral chakra.

While the root chakra is the foundation of our overall being, the sacral chakra is the foundation of our feeling of well-being. It connects us to our senses.

Signs of Imbalance

Here are signs that your sacral chakra may be imbalanced:

  • Overindulgence in fantasies/sexual obsessions
  • Lack of sexual desire/satisfaction
  • Feeling stuck in a particular feeling/mood
  • Feeling out of touch with feelings
  • Letting emotions control you/Super reactive to situations
  • Depending on people/outside things (alcohol, drugs, food, work, etc) for pleasure
  • Constantly fatigued
  • Holding back from expressing true feelings and desires
  • Creatively blocked/overthinking

Balancing the Sacral Chakra

If you do these practices everyday (or as often as possible), you will feel more connected to your feelings, sexuality, and creativity



Chanting the sacral chakras mantra “VAM” while placing the mudra (four fingers against thumb, places hands like infinity sign) in front of your pelvic area.

Meditating while envisioning the color orange at your pelvic region brightening with each breath.



Eating orange foods such as: carrots, mangoes, oranges, peaches, sweet potatoes. Also, staying hydrated with water/coconut water is key, since the sacral chakra’s element is water.

Essential Oils

Wonderful smells that boost the sacral chakra includes: Cardamom, Orange, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Patchouli, and Bergamot


Dance-Take a Bath-Make art-Journal your emotions-Talk to a trusted person about your feelings-Make love (you can make love to yourself too!)-Do tantric exercises/yoga-Connecting to your senses (i.e. eating slowly and tasting flavors of food/smelling pleasant scents slowly)

*Also, check out my blog post about emotions that gives information on how to balance out our emotions!/My feminine energy blog post also shares activities that help to balance the sacral chakra*


Affirmations can be spoken out loud or silently in your mind. Affirmations are charged when you state them several times (at least three) while feeling that what is stated is true.

I feel complete peace from within

I am a creative being

I am comfortable in my body

I allow myself to feel pleasure

I give myself permission to enjoy my sexuality fully

I create healthy boundaries in my relationships

The sacral chakra helps us connect to our inner feelings, creativity, and sexuality. With a balanced sacral chakra, we become beautiful creative beings that easily connect within ourselves and to others. 

Balancing Flow Yoga


3 thoughts on “How to Use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Sacral

  1. My sacral chakra is out of balance too. The problem of my life. I don’t know what to do. Manage as best as I can. Old age brings peace. Thanks for clear understanding.
    The world is not yet open to acceptance of natural sexuality.

    1. Thank you for sharing! We are always aware of what is to be done, all it takes is being still and allowing the answers to come. The world may not be fully accepting of natural sexuality, though we can be the start of the acceptance. 🙂

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