The Power of Intention

Can we all take a moment of silence for how breathtaking Solange is? Her latest album inspired me to share how powerful setting intentions are. Let’s begin!

What is intention?

According to Merriam Webster, Intention is:

  • A determination to act in a certain way/resolve
  • Import/significance
  • What one intends to do or bring about

This basically means, that intention is establishing what we want to do with our energy. Intention is what brings different results from the same action.

An example of this is someone shaving their hair with the intention of shedding their past, while someone else shaves their hair just because. It’s the same action, yet it brings different energetic results.

Why is intention important?

Using intentions are like planting seeds, they get you to your destination without needing to get the full details. It’s a great way to manifest what you want in your life.

Tapping into our intentions allows us to figure out our soul’s desires, guiding us to what we truly want. Every action we take has an intention whether we are aware or not. Taking ourselves to having intentions for a lifestyle that we want, brings transformations.

How do I set an intention?

Alex Grey

To know what intentions you want to set, being aware of your values and perspectives on life helps. Also, using positive focus rather than negative (ex: I want to stop feeling scared – I want to feel brave) allows your mind to focus on what you actually want to manifest.

What’s amazing about intentions, is they bring awareness that we can choose how we want to feel and have full control over what we focus on in any experience.

You may set an intention at any moment: before meditation, writing an intention before bed, as soon as you wake up, before meeting with someone, or even before making a decision.

Here’s how to set an intention to manifest:

  1. Clear your energy/raise your vibration. (meditate, sage, epsom salt bath, whatever helps you align yourself to your center) This allows your intentions to be aligned with your soul’s desires. 
  2. Create a ritual. (Do something that makes you feel inspired and connected to creative energy/joy)
  3. Write down intentions. (Be specific) The more specific you are, the more the universe can bring exactly what you truly desire.  The universe is our genie!
  4. Be creative. (Go beyond what you’ve already experienced) Life is filled with limitless possibilities. Remember this as you write down your intentions.
  5. Visualize. Truly feel as if you already are experiencing your intention. Even set a time for when you would like for it to happen!
  6. Release. Release your intention and move on with your day. It is already becoming true. 
  7. **Bonus** Reflect. It is great to reflect and share gratitude for the moments in life when we accomplished what we set ourselves to do. We are amazing!

You can also set intentions to bring results out of any situation. (Ex: Waking up in the morning and setting the intention to have an amazing day)

Here’s how to set an intention at any moment:

  1. Take deep breaths and balance your energy.
  2. Focus on what you would like to feel and experience.
  3. Turn your intention into a mantra.
  4. Visualize.
  5. Release and continue your day!


The best things about intention, is they are our foundations. They help to ground us whenever we feel lost or unsure of our place in life. Remembering our intention gives our life purpose.

So remember,


I love you.

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