How to Survive the Triple Retrogrades

DundunDDDDUUUUNNN… just kidding. 🙂 April showers bring May flowers, and three planets in retrogrades. Though it sounds intimidating, this blog post will surely get us prepared for what’s coming!

What is a retrograde?

Retrograde is a time when the planet seems to be going “backwards”. When a planet is in retrograde, it’s energy is turned more inward. This causes the planets representation to not be as consciously seen as it normally would, which is why it is best to slow down and reflect/review whatever the planet represents during this time. Retrogrades can also form “chaos” to emphasize what we need to focus on within. (Ex: Mercury Retrograde miscommunication =  asking ourselves “How am I communicating with myself?”)

During these transits, we have the opportunity to notice situations we may manifest that we weren’t consciously aware of before.

Jupiter Retrograde

April 10 – August 11 (Jupiter in Sagittarius)

Jupiter represents our faith/belief/philosophies in life. It is also the planet that brings us luck and expansion. Jupiter also represents abundance and good fortune.

During Jupiter Retrogrades:

  • Situations may happen that test if we are ready to receive good fortune and the amount of wealth that is desired.
  • Take extra time, make sure everything is in order when it comes to self growth
  • Brings us awareness to whatever greed/addiction we may have
  • **WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN/FEEL IS TRUE? HOW IS THAT AFFECTING YOUR LIFE?** (i.e believing you’re”broke” = results in you never having enough money in life)

Saturn Retrograde

April 29/30 – September 18 (Saturn in Capricorn)

Saturn represents restrictions, obstacles, boundaries, responsibilities, and discipline. It is the planet that helps us build our inner pyramids. Pyramids are special because they survive all weather. Saturn shows us how to stay strong and that we are beyond Saturn’s obstacles (weather). 

During Saturn Retrograde:

  • May be tested to see if we are ready to take more responsibility
  • Activity may be slowed for strategy/method improvement
  • We have a chance to say “No” in the areas of our lives that we mistakenly said “Yes”, chance to back out of certain commitments (i.e a project)
  • Fear/Anxiety/Insecurity/Frustration are likely to happen. Slowing down and other techniques can prevent this.
  • Weed out the source of frustration
  • Lessons that align with past imbalances and great decisions may appear

Pluto Retrograde

April 24 – October 3 (Pluto in Capricorn)

Pluto is the planet that represents the shadows of life. It also represents transformation // the wonderful dance of life and death (endings and beginnings) Whenever I share Pluto’s energy, I like to compare it to a tree. Trees are in this constant cycle of shedding leaves in the winter, just for leaves to blossom in the spring. Similarly, we release parts of ourselves, so that we can blossom in our true ways of being. Pluto teaches us that to fully blossom and transform, we must be honest to ourselves about who we are and facing the discomfort.

During Pluto Retrogrades:

  • Reflect (Positive/Negatives of life, past decisions & outcomes, what you are still holding onto that is not serving you anymore)
  • Embrace the darkness.. “You can run, but you can’t hide!” (Pluto was named after the God of the Underworld, Hades) We all have a dark side, however some of us face it while others push it away. Being aware of who we truly are within is key in transformation.
  • Look at how power and control is shown in our lives. (Are we using power and control for manipulation or betterment?)

After these retrogrades, we will be prosperous beings who have aligned our beliefs to what serves us, done the work that’s needed for success, and went through deep changes!  Who’s ready for April?

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