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In February I met Damon, an amazing Numerologer. He gave me an extremely accurate reading, and shares his love for the energy of numbers with others. I got the chance to ask him about numerology and how it shows in our life. Check it out below!

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Numerology is a study of numbers, synchronicities, ourselves and how they all correspond in the past, present, and future.

There are 12 energies in numerology:


Energy Focus: Masculine Energy, Singularity, Independence, Action, Achievement, and Originality

Symbolism: Beginnings, Independence, Leadership


Energy Focus: Feminine Energy, Duality, Partnerships, Teamwork, Support, Emotional Literacy, Vulnerability, Empathy, Intuition

Symbolism: Intuition, Empathy, Partnerships


Energy Focus: Freedom, Expression, Creativity, Entertainment, and Imagination (The creative child of 1 & 2)

Symbolism: Expression, Creativity, Communication


Energy Focus: Stability, Security, Hard Work, Devotion, and Patience

Symbolism: Foundation, Devotion, Work


Energy Focus: Travel, Change, Communication, Innovative, Adventure

Symbolism: Expansion, Travel, Change


Energy Focus: Harmony, Balance, Sincerity, Love, and Truth

Symbolism: Harmony, Balance, Sacrifice


Energy Focus: Truth-Seeking (Meditation, Scholar, Enlightenment, Philosophy, Spirituality)

Symbolism: Enlightenment, Spirit, Truth


Energy Focus: Achievement, Success, Wealth, Power, Business, Continuation Symbolism: Achievement, Success, Power


Energy Focus: Completion (Altruism, Humanitarianism, Attainment, Inventiveness) Symbolism: Satisfaction, Conclusion


Master Number*

Energy Focus: Spiritual Manifestation (Vision)

Symbolism: Combination of the divine masculine (1) and feminine (2)


Master Number*

Energy Focus: Spiritual Building (Mastery)

Symbolism: Manifestation


Master Number*

Energy Focus: Spiritual Creation (Guidance)

Symbolism: The Teacher

*Master Numbers effect the entire collective, some people personally embody these energies*

How is numerology used in life?

Numerology can be shown in our lives in many ways. Here are a few ways that numerology manifests in our lives:

  • Angel Numbers: Numbers that are seen frequently (doesn’t have to be repeated numbers) and give a message. Be aware of the message and react accordingly.
  • Soul Urge #: Hearts desire. Focusing on soul urge number may reveal dissatisfaction towards life and how to overcome.
  • Life Path #: What you work on your entire life. The energy that you are learning to understand.
  • Expression #: Your talent and way of being. What’s used to accomplish life path.

Our numerology chart shows us our weaknesses and strengths so we can align our lives accordingly.

avatars-000509453967-fabd3w-t500x500Check out Damon’s instagram @2tachi for numerology insights and a personal reading!

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