Astrology: Connecting with the Aries New Moon

It’s new moon season, the best time for planting seeds for the future. The moons placement is in Aries, the first fire sign that focuses on willpower/self.

What is an Aries New Moon?

The moons placement is in Aries, a cardinal fire sign. Aries is a sign that reflects the spark of a new beginning . Aries season begins during Spring, when the weather warms and plants begin to blossom. Aries cardinal energy allows it to easily take action and lead, making it a sign that easily accomplishes what is desired.

What transits are happening?

Alpheratz star is in conjunct with the moon, giving us a spark of independence, wealth, promotion, love, and business success.

Saturn in Capricorn squares New Moon, adding possible challenges and tests. They may manifest as either inner challenges (low self esteem, depression, pessimism) or outer challenges (duties and responsibilities).

Asteroid Vibilia is also joining the new moon party. This energy represents enlightenment, understanding, and contentment.

How do I connect to this energy?

Aries is the first fire sign, fire signs represent willpower, self (identity), and the ego. At this time, it is best to go deeper within ourselves for what it is we truly want. During Aries new moons is the best time .

This transit is an opportunity to start a new beginning on what it means to be our “self”. Shedding what does not reflect our truth, so we can magnify what does.

Saturn squaring the moon will manifest situations in which we must show that we really want this new reality for ourselves, the wealth, happiness, and success that the star Alpheratz brings may not come easy.

However, focusing on wealth, happiness, and success with confidence brings the Aries energy of courage and spark that will bring these to manifestation.

It is helpful to ask ourselves questions such as:

  • How does a life of wealth, happiness, and success look for me?
  • Are these goals what I truly want? Or someone else’s want?
  • What parts of me are holding myself back?
  • How does my highest self express (him/her)self?

Answering these questions with truth brings a reality of truth. It is our responsibility to be honest with ourselves, that is the only way we can manifest what our souls desire in life.

May your dance with the moon allow you to blossom like flowers during Spring, and increase the warmth within your heart. LETS LIVE OUR DREAMS!!

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