Connecting to Roots

From May 22-May 26, I went to Jamaica with my family to visit my grandma. It had been almost 10 years since I felt the amazing atmosphere of the island spirit. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, my ancestors were communicating with me stronger than ever.

Here are messages that I received during my time there:

  1. Birth is the peak of our lifetime: When we are born, we are given everything that we need for the rest of our lifetime. All that we are doing is remembering, and deprogramming limitations in our genetic code. This is why many texts and masters say that “All is within.” All that we need to know for our journey is within our roots, if we chose to go inside and see. It is not required that we pay to find out about yourselves. The true path to enlightenment has no cost.
  2. Healthiest diet (for me) = Having foods straight from Gaia: The entire time I was in Jamaica, my mood was always high. I felt no stress, no pressure, my body wasn’t tense, and time moved slower. Eating fruits that had fallen straight from a tree about a second ago had for sure changed my cellular structure. Eating fried breadfruit more than once a day had no effect on my auric field.  I realized that the reason why having a particular diet in America was really important is due to the amount of chemicals brought in the food that we eat.
  3. Family teaches forgiveness: I perceive the F in Family standing for Forgiveness. I hadn’t fully forgiven my father for past experiences in my childhood, and I didn’t feel I was carrying the weight of it around until I had the chance to slow down in Jamaica. I was so focused on the pressure of being productive that I didn’t even feel the weight I was still carrying in my heart/psyche! Having the perspective of not being in a state of forgiveness, caused me to carry this victim mind-state which was manifesting in many parts of my life. I am grateful to have the moment to forgive, because it revealed how I can alchemize my life.

Connecting to our roots helps us connect to a part of ourselves that is beyond time. Every family holds inner knowledge that is spoken without a sound.

Even if you have no strong connection with your family, you can still connect with your ancestors! They are always there, and appear stronger when acknowledged. Prayer that is sincere builds connection, along with offerings (pouring a drink before you drink it, making an alter).

I hope this inspires you to connect with your family on a level that is beyond physical. I hope that everyone connects with their roots to have a better understanding of who they are. I hope everyone feels the power and wisdom that they already have inside



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