Spiritual Diet: Emotional Eating

Have you ever ate because you were bored? When you were upset or sad? Craved potato chips or candy? These are all examples of emotional eating.

What is emotional eating?tenor

Emotional eating, also known as stress eating, is using food to satisfy your emotional needs rather than physical hunger. Emotional eating usually comes in the form of a craving whenever we are feeling an emotion that we do not want to face head-on. Emotional eating is connected to our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs within our body and it is important to know what our cravings are telling us.

What causes emotional eating?

When something in our life is out of balance, there’s a high chance that we’re struggling with emotional eating. When we are dissatisfied with a certain part of our lives, we often use food as a substitute for pleasure or comfort. Constantly relying on food to bring temporary pleasure and filling a void makes it harder to distinguish whether we’re eating because we’re physically hungry or emotionally hungry. When we are facing eating challenges, our spirit is telling you that something is out of balance!

What are the cravings?

Each food craving that we face is either physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination. Paying attention to what we need at the moment helps to bring clarity to how to solve the craving. While there are numerous cravings that we face, here are the three main ones:

1. Sweetness

If a food is sweet, there is a 10/10 chance of sugar being one of the ingredients. Sugar is a quick source of energy and our bodies are aware of this. Whenever we crave sweets, on a physical level, our cells aren’t receiving enough energy. What causes this, is the lack of minerals for insulin secretion. To help this physical craving, eat a fruit rather than candy.

On an emotional level, sadness may be occurring that we are unable to face. We want our serotonin, a neurotransmitter that brings the feeling of happiness, to be stimulated and released. It’s easier to turn to a carton of ice cream rather than facing the depths of blue we feel within our heart. Rather than picking up your sweet coping mechanism, talk to a trusted friend or spend time with yourself to figure out what’s going on inside.

On a spiritual level, live does not feel fulfilling. We are dissatisfied and not feeling motivated by life. What helps is doing what brings you joy in life. Listen to your favorite music, go out with friends, watch a funny show, or even go outside and do cartwheels!

2. Salt

We’ve all craved some potato chips before. With salt cravings, the physical, emotional, and spiritual are related, though the solutions are different. To crave a salty snack/dish on the physical level means there’s a disruption in the kidneys and adrenals which control the body’s water balance. Having a lot of stress constantly exhausts our adrenals reducing aldosterone (a hormone that helps to retain sodium). To solve this physical need, support the adrenal by taking vitamin b5, herbs (holy basil, Siberian gingseng, rhodiola to name a few). And doing an activity that relieves stress such as yoga.

On an emotional/spiritual level it’s also being constantly stressed. Being stressed by life means that we’re resisting the flow. We may be having a salt craving because we want to find acceptance without making our stance on life more controlled. What helps ease the salt cravings is working on mindfulness, and going with the flow of life, putting our trust in what’s unfolding.

3. Fats

When we crave fatty foods, our body is usually craving saturated fats which helps maintain bone density and calcium. On a physical level, we may have calcium deficiency. It could also be a desire for cellular stability.

On a spiritual level, our ego may be wounded. The liver is in control of the solar plexus which represents personal power and self worth . Eating fatty foods consistently may cause our abdominal to become bloated and uncomfortable because our liver is overworked. To help this craving and imbalance, accept your importance in life. See your authenticity and accept it. For this to truly work, you have to want it.


Sometimes, when we think we’re hungry, it’s really our internal selves asking for attention. Rather than drowning it out with the instant gratification of tasty food, listen to it’s voice and give it love and attention like the true divine being you are?

To apply this to life, pay attention to:

  • When you eat
  • What you eat
  • Emotions

Next time you feel a craving sneak up, take a deep breath and go inside 🙂

(For those who want to research more, other cravings that are emotional are: crunchy – anger, soft filling starches (pasta, bread) – seeking comfort, caffeine – mental exhaustion)

Astrology: Top 4 Astrology Sources

In my last astrology post, I explained how astrology is important within my life. If you are a person that wants to begin the astrology journey, and isn’t sure how, this is just the blog for you!

1. Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook by Gargatholildepth-astrology-an-astrological-handbook-volume-2-planets-in-signs

Wow. This book is perfect for beginning astrology studies. It features: Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses, and Planets in Aspects. The simple wording is what I enjoy the most when reading this book. Gargatholil gives positive-negative characteristics of each sign (based on the planet their in), how it looks when the energy is transcended, the energies insecurity, and its aspecting influence. I barely finished half of this book yet (the PDF is 2312 pages) and I already gained so much knowledge from it. I definitely recommend this if you want to begin understanding astrological relationships, and aren’t sure of which book to get first.

Buy on Amazon

2. Astrology/Karma & Transformation by Stephen Arroyo51U-Z2iurYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

I was only on the second page within the first chapter, and Arroyo’s insights on karma blew me away. Arroyo introduces astrology from a perspective of using it as a tool for transformation within this lifetime, rather than for only  figuring out the characteristics of your personality. What I love about this book, is that it thoroughly explains each planet and sign more than once in different ways. Arroyo explains karma and how it is relevant not only in astrology, but every second of our lives.

Buy on Amazon

3. Social Media

Social media is awesome. It holds plenty of information and connects you with people who have experiences of a field that you are studying. Each one has it’s own special way of connecting to astrology.


Facebook: Facebook has numerous groups filled with people that discuss astrology and give readings. Just search astrology on Facebook and you’ll find many groups! Here are ones that I am currently apart of:

Twitter: Twitter is my favorite place to read about astrology. With threads that are not only informational, but also funny and highly relatable. Reading about astrology on twitter helped my transition into seeing astrology within every moment of my life. Whenever someone makes a thread about astrology, I love going on their page to see other insights the they have too. These are my favorite Twitter accounts that discuss astrology:

Instagram: There are Instagram pages filled with information about astrology. Also, people who are giving information on current planet transits. Here are the two instagram pages I follow that provide information about astrology! (@desahnya also gives readings!)

Tumblr: If you search the hashtag #astrology, you’ll not only see posts related to astrology, but you’ll also discover blogs entirely about astrology. Here are astrology Tumblrs that I follow!

4. Websitessource

As simple as this section may seem, not all astrology websites give information that truly connect you to astrology. Some only describe the surface level, while others are informational on a deeper level. Here are my favorite astrology websites that helped me even more with understanding astrology.

  • New Millennium Being :  Written and published by Guru Rattana in 1999 as a newsletter, this website focuses on connecting with self and following the path that was chosen within your astrological signs. Rattana discusses each sign, along with planets. What I love about this website, is each sign is described by three stages of initiation of it’s capability: sleeping, awakening, and awakened.
  • Forever Conscious: This website gives general information about current planet transits, and what it means for you. What’s awesome, is they also provide rituals to do during full/new moons!


TimePassages is an iPhone/iPad app that let’s you know where the planets currently are and has a horoscope section. You can also save your friends charts to compare them to your own.


Knowledge is everywhere, it’s just about knowing where to find it and being open to receive it. People are discussing  astrology everyday online, and there are thousands of books that hold astrological information within them. While studying astrology I noticed that you can never read too much of the same thing twice. Reading about the same signs and planets through different sources will give you insight every time. So far, these sources have assisted me to the understanding of astrology I hold today (along with conversations with others that study astrology).

For a personal reading, email kanikundalini@gmail.com for inquires!

Luna: Connecting to the Divine Feminine

Lately, I haven’t been feeling as sensual and connected to my divine feminine as I usually do. As the sense of dissatisfaction grew so strong that I couldn’t put it aside anymore, I began to look into the divine feminine and women’s bodies. I gained a spark of inspiration from what I found, and decided to create an entire series focused on women, titled Luna. 

What is the divine feminine?

created by Kani Kundalini

Every person has a connection to their divine feminine (even men!). Since it is an energy, there is no definite definition for it. Divine feminine energy reminds me of waves in the ocean. It’s a repetitive movement, though every wave is never the same as before. It is the energy of beingness, of having acceptance of self. It’s having a connection to the wisdom of your heart. It is the source of where all creation starts. It’s when we deeply feel ourselves and the world and it’s beyond what our logical mind can grasp.

How do I connect to mine?

We are always connected to our Divine Feminine. It is within us every where we go. When we are feeling a disconnection, it’s because of the distance we created between it. To strengthen the connection and closeness to our Divine Feminine we all have inside, here are ways to connect:

1. Dance

Dancing to your favorite songs and letting yourself be free in the movement is my favorite way of connecting to the Divine Feminine. Feeling the movement of my body and noticing that it becomes more of a flow the more present I am within myself. Dancing activates the sacral chakra which is connected to sexual (creative) energy.

2. Be naked

The Divine Feminine is an unconditionally loving, accepting energy. Feeling confident about your body and being able to look in the mirror and feel positive about what you see, and telling yourself compliments is a great way to connect to this energy. If you’re unsure of when to spend time naked, after you shower, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror with full acceptance of what you see.

(Plus, being naked more often helps your vagina maintain it’s PH balance and allows it to breathe!)

3. Decorate

The Divine Feminine includes beauty. She loves having spaces that are well put and taken care of. Whether it’s dressing yourself up, or just hanging room decor, taking a moment to appreciate beauty and feel beauty is a great way of connecting to the Divine Feminine.

4. Indulge in senses

How boring would this human experience be without our senses? Slow down your day by feeling each of your senses 100%. Look around at how beautiful life is, touch yourself and feel how amazing you are, taste your favorite foods and notice all the flavors, smell wonderful scents, listen to the birds chirping or your favorite song. Appreciate and love your senses. Allowing yourself to just be in the moment and notice what’s around you, will connect you to your Feminine energy.

5. Create

While the divine masculine is destructive energy, the divine feminine is creative energy. Take a moment from your day to create anything. Anything. There are no rules or right way to create. Just create what you feel. Express your feelings within a poem, or a painting, or even a kneaded scarf.


The Divine Feminine is the reason we feel and connect with each other. It’s the inspiration for our action and the spark of our ideas. It’s what allows us to love and create and make our lives filled with beautiful moments.

Whenever you feel less connected to the deepest parts of yourself, give yourself time and space to celebrate your inner being. You deserve it!

Check out my store for Luna (dance of the Feminine) stickers! Each comes with mantras to connect you to your Divine Feminine 🙂

Astrology: The Importance of Astrology

Whether it was my live Instagram stories explaining important astrological dates, my tweets talking about my experiences correlating to my signs, or me talking about astrology on Tumblr, every day I think about astrology, and study the energy of the planets and stars. 

For weeks, I’ve been wanting to begin an astrology series on my blog but wasn’t exactly sure where to start. I decided to explain the importance of astrology, based on what I’ve experienced since I began my studies. 

1. Understanding myself3

Before studying astrology, my mind would fill with victimized thoughts. Why me’s flooded my mind as I experienced all that life has to offer.  I didn’t understand why moments were happening to me. It felt like everything was beyond my control. It wasn’t until I searched my natal chart when I began to realize that I am the reason why my life was happening the way it was. The more research I did, the more I noticed my habits and behaviors. Being able to see my actions from a bigger picture allowed me to alter them so my life could change for the better.

A perfect example is my Moon in Gemini. The moon represents our emotions, subconscious, and our old habits and behavior. Gemini, the phrase “I think” is an air sign that is about communication, the moon is a water element (ruled by Cancer, the phrase “I feel” and the sign of connection). The combination of  I think and I feel, in imbalanced ways, was combined for me as: “I think my feelings” and “My thoughts are felt”. My habits were based on me not getting in tune with my feelings, but instead was analyzing them as if it wasn’t apart of me. I would even have emotional breakdowns because of judging and bottling my emotions and not facing them head-on. After reading about the Moon in Gemini, and understanding what it means to have this energy as a channel, I began to give myself the space to feel my emotions more, and communicate my emotions effectively, rather than wondering why it’s occurring and keeping my emotions within my thoughts.

2. Deeper family connection1

Whenever I think about the state of my home as a child, it was like a monk sitting in the middle of a tsunami. My parents were both highly sensitive people, that at times let their emotions overpower logic in situations.  I grew up not understanding why my parents reacted to life in certain ways, rather than responding beyond their emotions. When I began to study the energy of Cancer, it was like someone cleaned smudge off my glasses. I began to see and understand my parents in a completely different way. They were no longer seen as people that were overacting but were now people that were unsure of how to deal with what they felt. It became easier for me to view them as people experiencing life, rather than only seeing them as my parents. Our bond shifted ever since, as I was now able to give my parents advice and hear theirs too.

3. Condition of life2

I check planets placements every day like the weather. Knowing where the planets are, and which is in retrograde helps me understand why situations are happening in the world around me. Whenever there was a full moon, I noticed there were higher rises and falls of people’s emotions. Since Saturn has entered Capricorn, I noticed everyone’s going through the tough challenges of life if they make decisions that don’t lead to accomplishing their goals. When Mercury was in Sagittarius earlier this year, my sister and I (who both have Mercury in Sagittarius) were having numerous communication problems, because of the imbalances we still had inside.

Knowing what energies are affecting each planet at the current moment, or a specific date, helps me understand why moments happen and the lesson that is within it. This gives me clarity on what to do, and what to pay attention to even more than I normally would.

4. Astrology is only a tool

We may each have natal charts that describe our lives scary accurately, but we still have the choice to not let ourselves be tied to a particular sign. Learning that I am not my natal chart, but that it is a map of my life and how I may act towards it, proves even more that I am the main controller of my life. I could either use astrology as an excuse for my life or as an action to enhance my life.

At any moment, you can choose however you want to be and how you want your life to look. Your Mercury sign is not an excuse for being rude to people, and Mercury Retrograde is not an excuse to hold you back from seeing what matters most.


Astrology is more than horoscopes and stereotyping personalities. It is a tool for understanding your life and why it is happening the way it is. Beginning my deep study of astrology has caused shifts within my life. As I began to understand myself and the people around me, life no longer was seen as something that was happening to me. It became a large plan, that I was one of the creators of.

Here are websites where you can search your natal chart:

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be ways that I learned Astrology. 🙂 Comment your sun, moon, and rising sign below! 

Spiritual Diet: Ayurvedic Medicine

I love food. What I love the most about food, is realizing that it highlights when I’m not connecting with myself. What I eat, how I feel while I’m eating, and also something as simple as bloating all show whether I am connecting with myself or not.

Upon searching for a food practice that matched with the connection to food that I wanted, I revisited a practice that I never brought into my everyday life, called Ayurvedic Medicine. 

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic Medicine, also known as Ayurveda (Ayur = life) (Veda = science/knowledge), is known as the science of life. It’s based on the view that a human being is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. If the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe than you have good health.

The two main principles of Ayurveda are:

  • The mind and body are inseparable.
  • Nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind.

Doing practices that bring awareness to the mind, and finding balance within that awareness, transforms the way our bodies feel. Meditation, for example, is one of the most powerful practices that balance the mind and body. While meditating, we enter a quiet space within our mind that increases awareness and causes the balance to your inner state. With the inseparable connection between the body and mind, this balance comes to the body as deeper breaths and less tension. Stress hormones are released, and positive neurotransmitters increase such as dopamine and serotonin.

Each person has their own special way of balancing their body. Ayurveda connects to each person’s uniqueness by using the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether/space. All five elements are within us all, though what elements are the most dominant varies. This is when Doshas come in handy.

What are Doshas?

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the best ways to eat for spiritual, emotional, and physical balance, depends on our spiritual body type known as Dosha. Dosha’s are based on the five elements, along with physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics. Everyone has each Dosha, though one is usually stronger than the others. This lets us know what we need to pay the most attention to for balance.

The three types of Doshas are:

  • Vata (also known as Vayu) -air and ether/space-
  • Pitta -fire, and water-
  • Kapha -water and earth-

Each Dosha has a unique body function, specific diet, what brings it out of balance, and what happens when it is imbalanced.



Vata controls the movement in the mind and body, such as blood flow, releasing wastes, breathing, and how thoughts move within the mind. Because it is based on cool and dry elements, maintaining warm temperature is key.

Things that disrupt the Vata include: eating too soon after a meal, fear, staying up too late, and eating mostly dry cold foods.

Questions that let you know whether or not your Vata needs to be balanced include:

  1. Is my skin dry, rough, or thin?
  2. Is my mind constantly racing?
  3. Do I worry unnecessarily?
  4. Am I constantly restless?
  5. Am I experiencing constipation?
  6. Do I experience forgetting things?
  7. Do I easily get tired?
  8. Am I gassy?
  9. Am I bloating?

If you are facing imbalance, practices such as eating warm cooked foods, getting lots of rest, and having a daily routine helps.



Pitta controls heat, metabolism, and transformation in the mind and body such as how we digest foods, how we know what’s right and wrong, and how our senses are received.

Since Pitta is mainly heated, staying cool brings balance. What disrupts Pitta includes, sour or spicy foods and spending too much time in the sun.

Questions that let you know whether or not your Pitta is imbalanced include:

  1. Am I being demanding or critical?
  2. Am I often frustrated, angry, or intense?
  3. Is my skin prone to rashes and eruptions?
  4. Am I often irritable and impatient?
  5. Is my hair gray or thinning prematurely?
  6. Do I wake up early and have difficulty sleeping again?
  7. Is hot weather uncomfortable?
  8. Am I a perfectionist?
  9. Am I having loose bowel movements?

If you are facing imbalance with Pitta, practicing moderation, eating cool dry foods and using fewer spices such as cayenne peppers helps.



Kapha controls all structure and lubrication in the mind and body such as weight, growth, lubrication of joints and lungs. and how the seven tissues (nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive tissues) are formed.

Since Kapha is structured and based on fluid balance, using moderation helps bring balance.

Questions to know whether your Kapha is imbalanced or not include:

  1. Do I tend to be overweight?
  2. Do I sleep for long periods of time and still feel tired?
  3. Am I possessive and over attached at moments?
  4. Do I feel lazy?
  5. Do I experience bloating?
  6. Do I feel stiff and heavy, especially in the morning?
  7. Do I experience congestion?

If the Kapha is imbalanced, having an early bedtime and waking up early, eating fresh fruits and veggies, and a little exercise every day helps.


The mind, body, and spirit are always connected. When one is imbalanced, all is imbalanced. Being mindful of how you treat your mind, heals your body, which strengthens your spirit.

Ayurveda assists to bring clarity to what messages our body sends to us when our mind, body, and spirit are facing imbalance.

If you want to know what unique way your body manifested and needs to be balanced, taking a Dosha test shows which Dosha is the most dominant.

I hope this article inspires you to take this Ayurveda journey with me 🙂

After taking the Dosha test, please comment which one you are below!

Spiritual Diet: Introduction

kani mango yumMy relationship with food over the years has been a roller coaster that seemed out of my control until the last two years. As I mentioned in a previous post, my diet was altered ever since I began to fast more frequently. Though my eating choices changed, I still faced moments when I’d eat and my energy felt lower afterward. I noticed that eating raw felt amazing, though eating cooked foods at certain moments felt amazing too. I even observed that whenever I eat red onions raw, I immediately feel sleepy. With the multiple altitudes that eating food made me feel, whether it was gassy or energized, I still wasn’t exactly sure how to connect with food in the way that felt best to me. So, I did some research (the Gemini in me kicked in) on what ways to eat that resonated with me.

After doing research, I became inspired to create a series for the information I found, and my journey with trying each of them.

Why is this important?

In our culture, especially in America, we are told what to eat based on studies that are approached as one-size-fits-all. This leads to growing accustomed to eating habits that don’t align with our genetic code and instead are eating in ways that we have learned from our society. 

It is normal in our society to grow tired after each meal, and feeling emotional is not linked to what we just ate. 

Both of these are not the case, as we learned in biology class by creating food chains, the purpose of consuming food is a way of obtaining energy from the sun. 

Each of us has a unique way of gaining energy from the sun. Everything we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on the body, mind, and spirit. 

How will I know?

Our intuition helps us connect to what diet is best, by reminding us to slow down, listen and pay attention to the signs that our bodies give. 

These signs show in ways such as: 
  • genuine hunger 
  • cravings
  • addictions
  • allergies
  • good/bad moods
  • energy levels
  • physical discomfort
  • sensations of pleasure

The easiest way to get in touch with your intuition while eating is taking deep breaths before, during, and after your meal. Also, asking these questions brings clarity to the signs your body gives every day. 

Questions to ask:
  1. What did I eat today?
  2. Where did I eat?
  3. Who did I eat with?
  4. What was my emotional state before eating?
  5. How was it after?
  6. What were my thoughts while eating?
  7. What are my thoughts after?
  8. What was my energy right before eating?
  9. What is my energy after?
  10. Did I receive any inner messages about eating at any point today? What was the message? Did I follow it? 

Asking yourself these questions every day will build awareness for your body. 


Eating food is our way of receiving energy that the sun provides for us to live on this planet. Our bodies give messages to let us know which foods help us gain clear energy, or block us from receiving clear energy. Taking deep breaths, slowly eating our meals, and asking questions about our experience brings us more awareness to the messages we receive every day. Being honest and putting your wellbeing before temporary pleasure and what society says is right, will enhance balanced emotions and increases your energy. 


My goal with these series is to bring more awareness about eating mindfully. I am excited to share the methods of eating that I learned, along with my journey with using them as a practice throughout my days. I hope that my experience inspires you to see food in a different way and to transform your life starting with a meal. 🙂

What is your favorite food? How does it make you feel? Comment below!

11 Things to do during the Lunar Eclipse

These past two weeks have been like drinking detox tea and feeling your stomach bubble. We began with a solar eclipse in Cancer July 12 and ended with a good ol’ lunar eclipse in Aquarius today on the 27th. When we are sandwiched between two eclipses for two weeks, it is called an Eclipse Gateway.

Image result for transparent lunar eclipse

Background Information

The two kinds of Eclipse Gateways are:

  • solar to lunar
  • lunar to solar

We experienced a solar to lunar, which is the transition from feeling like the energizer bunny ready to take any action towards our betterment, to needing moments alone to get a better understanding of what’s going on inside. The new moon was at home in Cancer during the solar eclipse, giving us a charge to rebirth the parts of us that needed nurturing. Clarity and a higher understanding of ourselves may have occurred during the beginning of the gateway. As we progressed closer and closer to the lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius, feelings of old habits and behaviors (programs) that were causing blockages for our progression arrived. Experiences, emotions, and thoughts may have entered our lives during this transit, to remind us of what we need to face and release for our growth.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

This is a perfect time to release what keeps you from being your best self. Aquarius mantra is “I Know” and is the last air sign holding a level of awareness that is universal. It is a humanitarian energy, charging this full moon with the energy of seeing the bigger picture within our individual experiences, and knowing that self-connection is the connection with the One that is self.  It is a time to remember the moments you truly felt your purpose and knew that you could face anything.

11 Things to Do

This is the longest eclipse of the century (lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes!) which is the perfect time to connect to the energy of the moon. I created a list of ways to connect to the lunar eclipse, that could bring you closer to your universal being. Each activity can either be guided by your intuition or researching methods online.

1. Light a candle

Image result for candle color meanings

Lighting a candle is a visual focus of what you want to use the energy of the lunar eclipse for. With a choice of any color, lighting a candle increases the energy of bringing manifestations or just simply cleansing. Plus, focusing on the flame and letting thoughts come and go is a peaceful meditation.

After choosing a candle, begin your candle connection in a quiet place.

Turn on either 432 Hz or focus on your breath, allowing your body and mind to reach relaxation and focus on your intention.

Charge the candle with your intention (use your intuition with how you want to connect with your candle).

Light the candle keeping the intention within your mind.

Visualize your candle bringing your intention to you, feeling the intention manifest in the present. 

Afterward, you can either stay with your candle for a while longer or leave it within the room.

2. Take a bath

What better way to connect with energy than to soak yourself in it? Spiritual baths clear your aura of negativity and lift your spiritual vibration, and make you smell amazing! Be sure to take a shower before your bath, since spiritual baths aren’t focused on clearing everyday dirt from the physical body.

There are numerous combinations for spiritual baths depending on your specific focus. The staple for every spiritual bath is Epsom salt. 

3. Write a letter and burn it

Writing a letter and burning it is one of my favorite activities to do. Just feeling my hands travel along the pages and watching the words form on the paper brings me into a state of cleansing what was once held inside. I’ve experienced sessions that were so releasing of my inner pain, that tears formed immediately within the first words. If there is anything you are holding onto about yourself or another, writing a letter and burning it afterward is an amazing way to release.

Write a letter to either yourself or whoever has made you feel pain inside.  Write down all that comes to mind, remembering to forgive and the intention of releasing. When you are finished, take a deep breath and envision yourself free from the pain you once felt. Burn the letter in a safe nonhazardous place, until all that’s left is ashes. *Pay attention to what words/phrases needed to be burned more than once, this is a symbol of what you’ve been holding onto the most*

4. Moon gaze

If you’re in South Africa, Australia, South America, or central Asia, the redness of the blood moon will be visible to you.

If not, the sky will just show a full moon, which is still awesome to gaze at.

Stare at the moon, appreciate her beauty and notice her peaceful presence above. As your focus increases, your thoughts and worries soon fade away.

Image result for meditate tumblr drawing5. Meditate

Meditating quiets your mind and brings peace inside. If your body is tense, or worry fills your mind, meditating takes it all away.

Find a quiet place.

Sit either criss-cross applesauce or on a chair and focus on your breath.

Inhale for four seconds, hold it in for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, pause for four seconds, repeat.

Soon you’ll enter a state of relaxation. When you do, choose a something to be mindful of. It could be a color, a phrase, a sound, or your breath. Hold onto your choice and if a thought enters, let it go by bringing your attention back. 

6. Write out a list of what’s holding you back

Write what’s been holding you back, whether it’s habits you still continue to do or people that you keep within your company.

Being honest with yourself and facing your actions that weren’t’ serving you, brings trust and self-love. 

7. Visualization

Visualization is daydreaming with an intention and focus. Visualization is a powerful method to manifest whatever you desire, as long as you believe it’ll come true, and that it is already happening.

Envision what you want in your life and hold onto it. If any thoughts arise, simply let them go by going back to your vision. Do this for at least 10 minutes. *You may set an alarm for the desired amount of minutes, so you won’t be distracted by the amount of time that went by*

8. Create a mantra and charge it

What we say creates sound. Sound has frequency. The world is made out of frequencies. Why not use what makes the world by making what you want out of it?

Merriam-Webster defines mantras as a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs.

Create a phrase or state a word over and over again, visualizing it happening or feeling it happen. Soon the words will no longer be words but will become you. Believe that is it coming true, believe that it is true. 

9. Deep cleaning

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Holding on to extra items that aren’t used, and leaving your space dirty is a blockage of abundance and clean energy.

Take the time to clean your bedroom, bathroom, purses, and wallets.

10. Be active in nature

Run! Dance! Do cartwheels! Whatever way you love to move, do it within nature. Being active in nature connects you to your body and the present, releasing the mind of overthinking

Go to a park or nature reserve and let the movement of your body take over. Remember to take deep breaths as your body flows under the moon.

11. Create something new

Connect to the lunar eclipse energy in Aquarius by creating something new. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the awakener planet that brings the unexpected.

Create in the most unexpected way. Allow yourself to go beyond your comfort zone whether it’s writing a story, creating a song, or painting/drawing in a way you never thought before.


Thank you and I hope that one of these activities inspires you to connect to the moon. Have an amazing lunar eclipse and remember that everything that you believe will happen.


~Comment on how you’re connecting to the lunar eclipse below!~


The All Seeing Eye and The Power of Perspective


“Eyes are the windows to the soul.” is a phrase that is commonly heard. When it’s stated, we would often think about looking at eyes that are windows, but have we ever thought about the ones we’re looking out of also?


Merriam Webster defines Perspective as a mental view or prospect.


Everyone has their own individual perspective on life. A perspective is shaped by past experiences, beliefs, and environmental norms. Perspectives do not change an object, but it does change the object in the person’s reality. People can look at the same object and experience completely different perspectives. A great example is showing an apple to a little girl and a chef. The little girl may see just an apple and also remember how she learned the alphabet (“A for Apple!”), while the chef will see the apple as an ingredient to many dishes he’s created in the past. The apple is still just an apple, though these two perspectives transformed the apple into something more.

The universe places us in situations to see our perspective towards them. Perspective is unlimited and we pick and choose how we want our perspective to be seen. Whether a perspective is positive or negative determines what will unfold in the reality. A perfect example of choosing a positive and negative perspective is money. There are multiple situations in which the universe creates money situations to test our perspective. One situation is money being spent. Whenever money is spent with a negative perspective, it causes a negative charge towards your relationship with money. Due to this, money doesn’t flow as positively as if you were to spend with a positive perspective.

As I began to understand perspectives and the power of understanding your point of view towards life, I realized what “Eyes are the windows to the soul” truly means.

The All Seeing Eye


The All Seeing Eye is a point of view that sees beyond the individual perspective. With more perspectives, the eye is now able to pick and choose which way it wants to see it’s reality, rather than only seeing a reality based upon it’s past. This is where the term “open minded” comes in. With an open mind, more possibilities are allowed within your reality. There is no longer a set way of being and of experiencing. Miracles and unpredictable outcomes comes with ease, because the eye is now open to outcomes beyond it’s past.

The All Seeing Eye understands it’s reality so it no longer feels a need to react towards it, and instead becomes an observer of it. In the past, I made a post that describes this understanding. The observer understands that it controls what it is currently seeing, so rather than reacting to what it sees, the observer responds to what caused what it’s seeing. An example is a kid with a glass of milk. The kid is the observer, the glass of milk is reality. The kid accidentally spills the milk, causing a large mess. With this mess the kid could either: cry and feel angry towards spilling the milk, or just clean, knowing that there’s more milk in the fridge and it was only a simple mistake. Reacting to messy situations still leaves the mess. Realizing your responsibility as an observer and responding cleans the mess.

Applying to Life

    Throughout your day, ask yourself how you feel about situations you experience.
    Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day, and notice how many are positive/negative
    Reflect on the ways your parents reacted towards life during your childhood

  • Conclusion

    Everyone has their own perspective on life and a choice of how they want their perspective to be. With control over what is perceived, is when the all-seeing eye is able to respond to perspectives. Allowing yourself to see life beyond what you went through in the past, creates more possibilities. Having a positive, open perspective puts a positive charge on what you experience.

    How will you change your perspective today?


    Background Story

    Last Friday, my amazing friend Cocoa came over to chill. We were munching on Chunks of  Energy (CoE) Bars while conversing about life. Out of curiosity of the company, I went to the CoE website and read about the history of the company.  It turns out, that the energy bars we were eating were originally made so the owner (Micheal) could have the energy to make maple syrup.

    I relayed this new found information to Cocoa, who was just as astonished as I was. A result that turned into an entire business, just stemming from the desire to have more energy.Continue reading “Desire+Dream=Creation”