How to Make 2019 the Best Year Ever

We made it to another year! 2018 was the year of (11), which brought transformations and shifts that assisted with aligning us to the best version of ourselves. Now, we are in the year of 2019 (3). 3 in numerology is about creativity, self-expression, inspiring others/inspiration, fun, and connection. How do we use 2019’s energyContinue reading “How to Make 2019 the Best Year Ever”

11 Things to do during the Lunar Eclipse

These past two weeks have been like drinking detox tea and feeling your stomach bubble. We began with a solar eclipse in Cancer July 12 and ended with a good ol’ lunar eclipse in Aquarius today on the 27th. When we are sandwiched between two eclipses for two weeks, it is called an Eclipse Gateway. BackgroundContinue reading “11 Things to do during the Lunar Eclipse”