Why Optimism Is Important

The most beautiful rainbows come after a heavy storm. Diamonds are created by pressure. These natural phenomenas remind me of the roller coaster of life. Here’s why optimism (while still being realistic) is important: What is Optimism? According to Merriam Webster, optimism is: 1: a doctrine that this world is the best possible world 2: an inclinationContinue reading “Why Optimism Is Important”

5 Secrets to Use the Law of Attraction with Words

Words are used everyday. We use words to think, speak, and write. Did you know that words have an enormous effect on your current life? This blog post explains how: Importance of Words Words carry vibration and energy. When we speak, we are bringing our inner thoughts and vibrations into the physical world. The energyContinue reading “5 Secrets to Use the Law of Attraction with Words”

Becoming the Master of Your E-motions

Feelings and e-motions. What would we be without them? They inspired the best songs, masterpieces by artists, and add color to our daily lives. They can also be the reason why we chase destructive behavior such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, and junk food and doing physical self harm to our bodies. What is theContinue reading “Becoming the Master of Your E-motions”

The All Seeing Eye and The Power of Perspective

“Eyes are the windows to the soul.” is a phrase that is commonly heard. When it’s stated, we would often think about looking at eyes that are windows, but have we ever thought about the ones we’re looking out of also? Perspective Merriam Webster defines Perspective as a mental view or prospect. Everyone has theirContinue reading “The All Seeing Eye and The Power of Perspective”

Obstacles leading to a New Road

“When it feels like many obstacles, it’s because you opened a new road.”  Inspiration My higher self whispered that to me January 15th this year. I was sitting alone in my dark room, questioning why I had felt this strange feeling that would linger. The feeling felt as if I was locked in a tinyContinue reading “Obstacles leading to a New Road”