The Power of Intention

Can we all take a moment of silence for how breathtaking Solange is? Her latest album inspired me to share how powerful setting intentions are. Let’s begin! What is intention? According to Merriam Webster, Intention is: A determination to act in a certain way/resolve Import/significance What one intends to do or bring about This basicallyContinue reading “The Power of Intention”

How to use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Third Eye

[Cues Redbone by Childish Gambino] We made it to the third eye chakra (Ajna in Sanskrit) which helps us see beyond physical reality! All About the Third Eye The third eye is located in between our brows and is associated with the color indigo. It allows us to have awareness of our psychic abilities. It isContinue reading “How to use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Third Eye”

How to use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Heart

One of my favorite song lyrics is “Speak your heart, don’t bite your tongue.” The heart chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit) is the gateway that connects the physical to the spiritual, let’s find out about this special place shall we?   All About the Heart The heart chakra is located at the center of our chestContinue reading “How to use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Heart”

How to Use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Introduction

When it comes to spirituality, chakras are one of the most common things mentioned. These energy centers are being used at every moment! My purpose in the next set of articles, is to bring an understanding that chakras are used everyday. What are chakras? At every second of the day, prana or life energy isContinue reading “How to Use the Chakras in Everyday Life: Introduction”

Becoming the Master of Your E-motions

Feelings and e-motions. What would we be without them? They inspired the best songs, masterpieces by artists, and add color to our daily lives. They can also be the reason why we chase destructive behavior such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, and junk food and doing physical self harm to our bodies. What is theContinue reading “Becoming the Master of Your E-motions”